Eco-Friendly Jewellery

Eco-Friendly Jewellery

Eco-friendly jewellery is a way to be aware and act on green issues. The concept of eco-friendly jewellery is to create pieces that are made with renewable resources but also use minimal amounts of synthetic materials and components. By using sustainable or organic matter in production, we reduce our carbon footprint and improve our environment. Some of the ways we do this are to use recycled materials, use of recycled fibre, create new products from organic sources, and to recycle or purpose components that can be reused. Antique jewellery is also a batter option to buy.

Biodegradable jewellery

Biodegradable jewellery is made using biodegradable materials such as sugar cane, wood fibre or plant materials. Many of these are easily absorbed into the soil surrounding the base of the ornament. By using biodegradable materials, we avoid placing large quantities of chemicals onto the land or water, thereby protecting it for future generations.

Some of the better manufacturers of eco-friendly jewellery have taken it a step further by producing their products using sustainable or biodegradable materials and ways to create them. These types of jewellery will often contain a fibre insert which grows with the fibre and adds character and style, or will have a biodegradable shell placed on the surface so that it grows with the fibre, encouraging the preservation of the original bark or root of the plant. Both of these options are not only clever methods of recycling, they are very pleasing to the eye.

Jewellery made with recycled materials

The second type of eco-friendly jewellery is made from materials which can be recycled. We are used to the idea that all gold, platinum, diamonds and other rare metal items are unique and one of a kind, and this means that all items of jewellery created from biodegradable material would also be unique. Biodegradable beads and biodegradable pendants are becoming increasingly popular and they help to preserve materials that can otherwise be lost. Whether you want to wear a piece of handmade biodegradable jewellery or a specially designed pendant, it will help you to keep our environment clean.

Wide range of materials

Eco-friendly or sustainable jewellery can be made from a wide range of materials, including cedar wood, walnut wood, bamboo and recycled plastics. Many companies are now producing their range of handcrafted jewellery from recyclable materials, making it easier for consumers to recognise pieces that are manufactured using environmentally friendly methods. If you want to keep the earth clean, then buying this type of jewellery is a good way to make a stand. It will also help you feel good about yourself, knowing that you are doing something positive to help the planet.

When you are selecting eco-friendly jewellery, you should also look for ways to tell whether the piece is made from sustainable materials or not. Look for a label that states this on the packaging. Also check the material that the clasp is made from. A good clasp is one that won’t dent or scratch the Earth. Choosing sustainable materials can help you to maintain high standards, making sure that your favourite pieces last as long as possible.


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