Do You Know About Direct Hair Implantation?

Do You Know About Direct Hair Implantation?

Have you ever heard of a hair treatment known as Direct Hair Implantation? If not, then you will know enough about it at the end of this write-up.

People suffering from thinning of hair or hair loss require hair techniques to restore their appearance. Modern techniques assist in creating a natural hair line. It is wonderful news for those struggling with the hair loss problems. Hair restoration surgeries are well known for their effectiveness and guaranteed positive outcome

What is DHI?

There are several methods developed to regrow hair. The two main types of hair treatments used for hair loss are FUT and FUE. Both the techniques are largely similar. The main point is extracting the hair follicles and implanting them.

During FUT, Follicular Unit Transplant the surgeon peels off a strip of skin form the donor site. The hair follicles are extracted from this peeled skin. While in FUE treatment the hair follicles are individually removed from your scalp directly. The extracted hair follicles in both the methods are transplanted to the balding area on the scalp.

DHI hair transplant is a modified version of FUE hair transplant. The difference between the two is that in FUE, the surgeon cuts the tracks manually before the transplantation of hair follicles. While in DHI hair transplant, surgeon uses a specially designed pen shaped tool that performs both the tasks, i.e. cutting the channels and implanting.

What Are The Steps Of DHI Hair Transplant Procedure?

As DHI is the advanced form of FUE, it follows the similar steps to FUE.

  • The surgeon will shave the area for the procedure.
  • He will numb it using local anesthesia.
  • The surgeon will then remove the hair follicles from the donor area with the help of a device with a fine tip.
  • The tool will be filled with the hair follicles and then implanted to the recipient area.
  • After the implantation of hair follicles the surgeon will apply antibiotics and then cover it with a bandage.

It takes about 5-8 hours to complete the procedure of FUE and DHI. The exact time depends on the number of hair follicles required to transplant.

How am I a Good Candidate For The DHI Hair Transplant?

Being a good candidate for the treatment increases the chances of positive DHI hair transplant results. You are eligible for the treatment if you’re suffering from androgenic alopecia which is also known as male or female pattern baldness.

There are a few more factors that make you a good candidate for the DHI hair transplant.

  • You must be 25 above to qualify for the treatment. Under 25 hair loss is uncertain.
  • People with thicker hair on donor areas prove to be a good candidate as thicker hair brings about better results.
  • People with light hair color or the hair color similar to the skin complexion achieve better results.

How much does DHI Hair Transplant Cost?

The estimated DHI hair transplant cost in Pakistan is between $3,250-$13,500. The hair transplant cost varies extensively based on the area, the equipment used by the clinic, the skill of the doctor and the total number of hair required to be transplanted.

What are DHI Hair Transplant Results?

The results of the hair transplant treatments normally yield successful results. However, regarding DHI hair transplant results no research is available. Specifically for the effectiveness of DHI hair transplant no scientific evidence is available at the time.

As hair transplants are expensive people usually adopt affordable alternatives. But hair transplants have the potential to treat hair loss completely or produce favorable results.

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