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Understanding the concept of the SAP Mobility system!

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SAP helps companies unwire their businesses and mobilize their workforce. Mobility means a different user interface. SAP helps to create versatile and intuitive user interfaces with which the companies get access to their enterprise information. 

SAP provides an end-to-end mobile strategy and it constantly secures a top place in mobile security and mobile platforms. 

As per a recent study conducted, 24% of the companies use SAP for their business requirements.

The SAP mobility system include

1. Mobile security

2. Mobile platform

3. Mobile applications

4. Mobile commerce

5. Mobile analytics

#1. Mobile Security

Mobile security keeps the devices and the content on the device secure. It keeps the costs associated with those devices safe and secure. 

Mobile platforms provide the required tools to create mobile applications. These applications are either industry-specific or specific to other lines of business. There are endless possibilities with mobile platforms.

#2. Mobile Platform

Mobile applications come from mobile platforms. The companies create mobile applications with the help of tools provided by mobile platforms. One creates SAP applications from an SAP store or the custom-made applications. It allows one to engage customers. This helps one to achieve in terms of loyal management, payments, commerce, and banking.

Mobile Platform 

#3. Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce deals with banking and payment applications. This allows the companies to provide information to their customers. And this is done anytime and at any place.

#4. Mobile Commerce analytics

Mobile analytics ensure real-time reporting. Real-time reporting is essential to today’s businesses. The analytics provides the companies an insight into their businesses whenever required. It enables us to collect a huge amount of data and display the device. 

It allows easy drill down, slice, and dice. They help in bringing dashboards and reports directly to the devices. This provides customers access to key information.

Mobile Commerce analytics 

#5. Mobile Applications

The SAP mobility system connects to SAP back-end systems and also to the non-SAP back-end systems. This provides the companies the required enterprise information without requiring much time. 

SAP Mobility system has pre-built business to enterprise (B2E) and business to business (B2B) applications. These applications include:

  • Human resources (HR)
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain
  • Marketing 
  • Commerce and many others

This ensures to cover the entire scope of the enterprise. 

sap mobility system

We know that the customer user experience is the new criteria or standard for enterprise applications. The collection of applications presents in the SAP provides a flexible user interface. They work seamlessly across devices like laptops, mobiles, personal computers, or a tablet.

The applications include various roles. They are the roles of manager, employee, sales representative, purchasing agent, etc. This improves the performance and efficiency of the tasks they perform. These applications lessen the time required to perform the tasks or actions. 

This is how the SAP mobility system helps businesses to grow and flourish seamlessly. Statistics say that the number of SAP users reached 200 million.

SAP Options for businesses: 

SAP provides a wide range of options for businesses to build applications. The options are:

a). Native development.

b). Hybrid or HTML5 applications.

c). Cross-platform development.

d). SAP Fiori.

At the end of the day, the company’s needs and requirements decide which option is good to have. All the options provide various advantages for businesses using which they can improve their business scalability and manageability.

Benefits of SAP Mobility system:

  • SAP mobility system supports all kinds of devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, and many others. 
  • It helps in controlling the costs. 
  • SAP mobilizes all the business processes using various applications like SAP apps, business apps, partner apps, and analytic apps. 
  • It helps the companies manage the total costs of ownership. 
  • One gets access to the various mobile back-end systems. 

Benefits of SAP Mobility system

  • A consumer application platform on the SAP mobility system allows the companies to create applications that fulfill the needs of the customers.
  • The backend agnostic system helps to connect with the various systems like SAP systems, third-party applications, and databases. 
  • Along with SAP mobility, SAP does provide mobile implementation services, mobile strategy services, and value realization. 
  • It ensures to provide a high level of customer service to the clients. 

Closing thoughts

There are various options in the market for the enterprise to fulfill their needs and demands. SAP is one of the best choices. Choose the best mobility system to make efficient use of the benefits the SAP mobility system provides. Your business needs the right technology. SAP is proven to be the best for enterprise systems




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