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Career Choices in the field of Information Technology

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Technology moves fast! 

In this fast-growing era, if you are extraordinary and highly-skilled then only you will be able to do well with the newest technological advancements and modifications. You should be a self-motivated, adaptable and fast learner for surviving in this world and compete with others to prove yourself better than others because nowadays we have cut-throat completions in every field. You have to keep yourself updated with all the technological changes to move forward in your career. For example, in mobile application development, if you are stuck in your cube while editing Java 18.3 code or facing any issue with eclipse or messed up in any problem, no one will help you. You are responsible for solving your problem and it’s like working in a locality of the country where you are the only employee. Then we have to work and keep updating our knowledge just stay on the right track of our career.

Now, the biggest question is which technology we should select? 

There are a few points that you can take into consideration while selecting technology for your career:

a). It must be having highly in-demand skills so that you can have a great career opportunity with good earning potential.

b). Growing faster than the number of skilled workers to have less competition and also the market doesn’t get saturated.

c). Need for technology all around the globe.

d). It must require skill that can be learned without visiting any learning institute or not to spend money for earning a diploma degree.

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e). Scope of the technology in the long run.

In the field of technology, it is very important not to get confused, upset, and disoriented about the rapid changes. Instead of this, start focusing on the right skills and change your mindset and be motivated for learning.

Career in Technology:

There are endless paths in the technology that an individual can take to a professional in the field of information technology. But at the same time, it depends on multiple factors as well which includes training, interest, skills, requirement, and responsibility. I have mentioned some of the best career paths that a person can choose:

#1. Computer Programmers:-

They write, update, expand, and test the code due to which the computer application and computer software function. The necessary skills for the computer programmer job is knowing multiple programming languages such as, Linux, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, HTML, PHP, SQL, and many more

a). Web Developer – They are responsible for designing and functioning of websites by doing programming. Some of the programming languages used by the web developer are HTML, Ruby, Python, Perl, jQuery, CSS, and many more. There are many certifications available that validate your knowledge in the programming language.

b). Software Engineer- They are responsible for designing and building computer programs. They apply the principles of software engineering to the evaluation, design, and development of the computer software. 

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#2. Network Administrator:-

They are responsible for maintaining the computer network infrastructure. Their work includes testing of networks, network monitoring, installing, and implementing software programs.


#3. Database Administrator:-

They are responsible for storing, organizing, and updating the data and ensure that the database in working easily. The skills required to be a database administrator are the knowledge of queries, database theory and database design, RDBMS, SQL, operating systems, and many more. Various certification exams validate the knowledge required for this role such as the 1Z0-063 certification exam and 1Z0-062 certification exam.

#4. Information Analyst:-

They are responsible to protect the computer networks and system. Various certification exams validate the knowledge required for this role such as CISSP and CISM.

#5. Computer System Analyst:-

They are responsible for the effective and efficient working of computer systems. They solve problems related to hardware, software, and computer technology.

#6. Network architect:-

They are responsible for building the data communication network which includes LANs, WANs, and intranet.

Technology Certifications:

There are thousands of certifications in the market for the IT professionals to prove their skills. The most popular information technology certifications include Google, Oracle, Azure, Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA certifications. These certifications help professionals to learn new skills to grow in their careers. A growing career in the field of technology only depends on the education and training of the professionals.

Digital technology has also played a very important in the learning path of IT professions, it has changed the traditional way of learning the classroom. Technology has made the learning more interactive and effective.

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There are many online websites with offer online courses to prepare for the certification exams such as uCertify. Considering all the facts, we can say that technology plays a very important role in the field of information technology and choose the career based on your skills and trending in today’s job market and exist for the long run in the market.


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