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Bryan Chatfield Sanders Wiki, Net Worth – Complete Biography

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Name: Bryan Chatfield sanders

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 10th December 1983

Nationality: American

Age: 38 Years

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 157 pounds

AKA: Bryan

Born In: Kansas

Spouse: Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Children: George Sanders, Scarlett Wills Sanders, William Huckabee Sanders

Father in law: Mike Huckabee


Bryan Chatfield Sanders is a renowned American media and political consultant. He is associated with the Republican Party and he is mainly known for that. Bryan has worked as the party’s promotional campaign manager in the past. In the present scenario, he is serving as the political advisor of the party.  He has been truly playing a vital role in the ‘Republican Party’ for so many years and that is the reason he has been titled as a ‘Rising Star’ in the field of politics. If we talk about his initial years in politics, then it should be noted that he started his political career by playing the role of the assistant and political counselor to former Kansas senator Sam Brownback.  Later in the year 2008, he played a crucial role in the presidential campaign for Mike Huckabee who is now his father-in-law. He has worked with several other organizations and politicians.


In the year 2002, he graduated from ‘Shawnee Mission East High School’ located in Prairie Village, Kansas. Bryan has a degree in campaign media that he has acquired from ‘Colby College’ in Waterville, Maine. Bryan commenced his career in politics after he graduated from college in 2006.

Personal Life

He was born on 10th December 1983 in Kansas but he grew up in Johnson County City, Mission Woods. Not much is known about his family. Bryan met his wife Sarah Huckabee Sanders while they were working together during Mike Huckabee’s 2008 Presidential campaign that was being held in Iowa. Mike Huckabee is the father of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Even when the campaign ended, both of them continued dating and later got engaged in 2009 at Bryan’s family farmhouse situated in Kansas. They eventually ended up getting married on 25th May 2010 at St. John Virgin Islands. The couple has three beautiful children: one daughter and two sons.  

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Sarah Huckabee is the White House Press Secretary. Bryan has always been a supportive husband and he is also the political guide of his wife. Bryan supported Sarah’s decision to join the ‘Trump campaign’. Though they had different opinions Bryan still supported his wife’s decision. According to Bryan, it was a great opportunity for Sarah to beat Hillary Clinton. While Sarah found many positive points in Trump’s candidature, while Bryan, on the other hand, was not so happy with that. For Bryan, Trump’s past and his character imperfections did not qualify him as a worthy leader.

The name of the daughter is Scarlett. She is their first child and her birth date is May 10, 2012. The names of their sons are William Huckabee and George Sanders. Huckabee Sanders, called “Huck,” was born on October 16, 2013 while their youngest child, George, was born on June 8, 2015. Sanders couple along with their three children live in Arlington, Virginia.


He started being the employee of Samuel Dale Brownback who was the 46th governor of Kansas. Later, he was promoted to a press assistant.  He was appointed as a campaign manager in the year 2008. When Samuel backed out of the American presidential race, Bryan changed his posts and started working for Mike Huckabee. Mike was National Political Director back then. 

The Wickers Group is a prestigious political company and Bryan was employed by the company in the year 2009. Smart management skills and strategies of Bryan for Robert J. Bentley’s 2010 Alabama gubernatorial election campaign worked out really well resulted in a victory. Due to this, Bryan became an important person for the Republican Party campaigns. Since back then, he has worked for the winner of Alabama governs ship: Robert J. Bentley. In the year 2012, Bryan also managed the primary campaign for Ted Yoho. He was then competing in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District. 

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Bryan created and produced an advertisement exclusively for the campaign by the name ‘Pigs,’. The advertisement was amazing and thus highly applauded by political experts. The grand success of the advertisement got more name and fame to Bryan. The advertisement was also declared as ‘one of the best political ads’ of that year by The ‘Washington Post’.  ‘Campaigns and Elections Magazine,'(One of the premier political journals) titled Bryan as the ‘Rising Star of American Politics.’ This honored title is presented only to 15 ‘Republicans’ and 15 ‘Democrats’ every year.

There are so many other names in the list of people with whom he has worked. Some of them are Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (Texas), Congressman French Hill (Arkansas), Attorney General Scott Pruitt (Oklahoma), Congressman Trent Franks (Arizona), and State Treasurer Lynn Fitch (Mississippi).

Bryan and his wife became the founding members of their own consulting firm, ‘Second Street Strategies’ in the year 2016. The specialization of this firm is structuring strategies, research, polling, message development, advertising campaign management, and placement for candidates. Independent expenditure committees and businesses are also provided to their political and non-political clientele by this firm. In the following year 2017, the firm lapped-up ‘IMAGE,’ which is a Washington, D.C.-based digital marketing agency. Bryan has been the head of all the research, polling, and strategy projects for the agency.

The net worth of Bryan Chatfield Sanders

Bryan has done fantastic in the field of politics. He has worked hard along with passion and dedication. He is one of the top names in politics due to his amazing skills and the works he has performed. Bryan has worked with most of the renowned politicians and organizations. He has gained more than enough name and fame and that too at a very young age. Considering all his works, achievements, it would be great to say that Bryan holds extreme potential within himself and he is unstoppable! If he keeps going at this pace in terms of career, we can only imagine what he can achieve. Bryan has been outstanding since the day he stepped into the field of politics and that shows his dedication to his work. He has his own firm now and the firm does the most important tasks. He has been balancing all areas of his life quite well- personal and professional, which is truly remarkable. According to a survey, the estimated net worth of Bryan Chatfield Sanders is approximately $6 million.

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Lesser known facts:

There is no information known about Bryan Chatfield Sander’s father’s identity. It has been known that he grew up in Kansas. For a father or we can say for a father figure, Bryan Chatfield almost certainly looks up to his father-in-law, Mike Huckabee. Mike Huckabee ran as U.S. president and is a renowned television and political figure. Mike also had his own television program on Fox News Channel. He is among the best political commentators and hosts his own show known as The Huckabee Report.

Bryan is known to be a fan of The Grateful Dead and has seen Dead & Company play live. Bryan is also a fan of the Kansas City Royals.

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