Wedding Update: Bridal Jewellery for The New Age Bride-To-Be

Wedding Update: Bridal Jewellery for The New Age Bride-To-Be

Indian bridal jewellery is as carefully chosen as the bridal outfit. The Indian wedding jewellery traditions are as diverse as the ceremony and rituals that accompany them. Interestingly, Indian weddings are known for their gold ornaments and with the time we can see many variations in them. The trend is seen across the country, ranging from handmade jewellery to jewellery with diamonds and gemstones.

Bridal jewellery is crafted with fine craftsmanship and intricate designs. We have rounded up some new-age bridal jewellery inspiration to ease your way and get you to the fashion jewellery online.

  1. Nose rings

The nose ring is an integral part of Indian wedding jewellery traditions. The rings are reminiscent of traditional circular hoops decorated with gemstones. The Lotus floral and pearls of the sea-inspired Tarinika’s Jalaja Collection. Using beautifully hand-painted enamels and delicately hand-woven pearl chains, we created gold-plated jewellery with Lotus motifs. It is effortlessly elegant. An ideal & perfect wedding accessory. Any bride who sports this look can make an edgy statement and look chic and sophisticated. 

  1. Mathapattis

Mathematics pattis tend to convey a sense of refined taste underpinned by a sense of fun. As a single piece, the mathapatti can be a star. For all those who want to stand out. Designed by Tarinika, the Jaraja Collection embodies the natural beauty of Lotus flowers and pearls from the ocean. With beautiful pastel-hued enamel hand-painted on gold-plated jewelry, and delicate elegance of hand-woven pearl chains, our designer team created charming gold-plated jewelry with Lotus motifs. Mathapattis with intricate work is the perfect & ideal complement to a strong individualistic personality.

  1. Maang Tikka

This small piece of jewellery is now worn as part of a bridal ensemble that adds beauty, elegance, and royalty to the ensemble. Today, modern Indian brides wear Maang Tikkas as wedding jewelry traditions have evolved. Wear these exquisite Maang Tikkas from the exclusive Tarinika collection. Featuring a floral pattern, they are artistically crafted. Bring the light into your special day by styling them with your favourite traditional outfit.

  1. Earrings

Earrings matching the necklace are an integral part of Indian bridal jewellery. Oftentimes the designs are heavier, detailed, and contrasted with the dress. Inspired by the hottest Indian jadau jewelry, these Tarinika earrings are a signature style. On gold plated brass, this piece boasts floral and peacock designs set with faux kempu stones, green onyx beads and pearls. This piece makes a great bridal accessory. 

  1. Necklaces

There were only gold necklaces in the earliest Indian wedding traditions, but in modern times, colored glasses and enamel work have joined diamonds, gemstones, and pearls to create modern necklaces. The long CZ necklace set by Tarinika is a classically elegant and brilliant piece. Two layers of alternating square and round CZ stones create a graceful design on this necklace. A great way to dress up for a wedding using 3D technology and CZ stones. You can choose bridal jewellery to match your wedding gown.

  1. Finger rings

Brides never leave their fingers bare at their wedding. In addition to her engagement ring, the bride may wear all the rings in her bridal jewellery setsFrom simple designs to those with colored gemstones, diamonds, or colored stones, the bridal designs are diverse. Tarinika’s unique jewelry philosophy has been brought to life in this kundan ring, a ring crafted with utmost love. It is easy to fit the ring on your finger and to match the rest of your jewelry. It is meticulously crafted using Kundan stones of the best quality.

  1. Bangles

Indian traditions are also invested in bangles in quite some ways. The tradition of wearing bangles as part of the Indian wedding tradition is regarded as an auspicious sign for the husband. Gold plated with CZ stones, this bangle has a delicate but durable design that will have you stopping to look at it. If you’re looking to accessorize for the wedding, then a gold-plated bangle is a sure-fire choice. It is extremely versatile and can be worn to a wedding or cocktail party. Their appearance and conspicuousness catch people’s attention right away.

  1. Waistbands

A waistband is another name for the kamarband that used to be worn by Indian brides for their wedding ceremonies. With care and precision, this handcrafted antique jewelry is beautifully crafted. There are meticulously carved temples on this traditional-style waistband. The Goddess Laxmi is depicted inside the temple dressed in flower and peacock patterns decorated with CZ stones. The finest detail is what appeals to many people about this waistband. This is a great choice for weddings or other events.  For some time, this style was out of fashion. But in the present day, brides are again wearing this traditional ornament as part of their bridal jewellery sets.

  1. Anklets

Anklets, traditionally known as payals, play an important part in Indian wedding jewellery customs. Dina anklet is a wonderful example of high-quality artisanship to adorn your feet with from the latest collection of Tarinika. Adding unparalleled luminance, the intricate Indian patterns are polished with antique jewellery gold, CZ stones, and two-layer pearl drops. Combined with your wedding attire, this unique design makes a wonderful choice. The musical jingles from the bride’s anklets announce her arrival.


While gold jewellery plays a prominent role in Indian weddings, these are the staples of Indian wedding jewellery traditions that adorn a bride from head to toe. Brides are also experimenting with bridal jewellery designs from other states and incorporating them into their attire. And the above 9 suggestions will add uniqueness to your bridal jewellery sets and help you rock your big day. Indian weddings are regarded as incomplete without gold jewellery and there are a variety of designs, types, and craftsmanship available. Consider experimenting with dresses and jewellery from outside your local tradition when choosing bridal jewellery to spice up your Indian wedding. You won’t regret adding a little sparkle to your big day. It will enhance the beauty of your photographs and memories.

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