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10 Best Free WordPress Social Auto Post Plugins (2020 Collection)

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Marketing has become a way of improvisation for many companies, businesses, and marketers. This era of digital marketing is evolving with new perspectives on the future advancement of the digital world. However, most marketers do not know how they can accomplish the maximum advantages of social media marketing. WordPress is a large platform to help businesses improvised by digital merchandise. This article is written for the exploration of amazing tools or plugins (latest 2020) to help increase your social marketing. 

#1. The amazing plugin Revive old posts

The tool automatically does an advertisement for your businesses’ marketing, and your previous content could be reached by maximum traffic.  


a). It will inevitably place your WordPress posts on websites such as Instagram and other famous websites.

b). It can remove options or additional content on the scheduling of the user.

c). It joins in the analysis of content with browsers.

d). Its original version costs no fee for users. 

e). ReviveSocial.com provides its original version without any price.

#2. Social share plugin for WordPress

This tool can be beneficial for digital marketers. By using this plugin, users could be able to put many menus such as comments section, share section, log in, which can help people to reach your websites. 


a). It allows you to post your content on websites of about more than 100. 

b). This provides sharing options on your websites. For instance, you can get more sharing menus to share your posts on Instagram or another site you use daily.  

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c). Besides, you will get customized sharing lists as per your requirements, which you can format to sharing content or posts on social sites like Facebook. 

d). Turn on/off menus to increase or stop sharing of posts, which will help you better organize content for websites. 

e). This is also without any costs for users; besides, it allows maximum interaction and communication for users.  

#3. OrbitFox

It will bring some excellent advantages such as maximum website shares having awesome designs for you automatically. You can easily substitute other plugins when users avail of OrbitFox to get benefits. 


a). It facilitates with clicks to share content for marketing.

b). It also provides modules to share pics or images.

c). Besides, the user can get adds showing options. 

d). It works efficiently for social platform builders as this provides auto functioning without ant costs.

e). You can achieve additional menus for WordPress posts share.

f). Template modules for specific pages.

g). You can choose fantastic customized modules by it.

#4. Kiwi (the latest version 2020)

This plugin is auto and will provide you with menus and share bars for the marketing of your content or posts. Moreover, this can offer users with more related sharing menus.


a). The tool provides compatibility for social sites such as Facebook.

b). It is compatible with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

c). It turns switching bars for users’ posts on websites.  

d). You can also get multiple share buttons with modern layouts. This tool benefits user when he does not want any kind of notifications to share content or material on social media websites.

e). Readers will get more reach to your blogging content as it costs no money for you when you use it for auto plugins to market your posts or content.  

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#5. Mash 

This plugin provides the best options to market your material or products on websites by the addition of clicks.  The plugin offers more advantages of adding adds for marketing on your social media sites. 


a). It offers many sharing clicks to advertise user content on websites you daily use.

b). Users will be able to augment a subscription choice by adding any kind of link possibility

c). With the help of this, there can be more accessible settings for increasing the sharing of posts.

d). Many viewers recommend it because of swiftness, reliability the tool provides. 

e). It can boost sharing by clicking the experiences of users. 

f). It is also without any cost for you.  

#6. Jetpack

The fantastic plugin furnished by means of WordPress for safety, SEO, and advertising and marketing of social media content material and enhancing the social media target market and used by online content writing services too.


a). It will robotically share your new content material of social media

b). It will provide you share buttons for social sharing

c). The distinctive elements will be supplied to you via this too to arrange your web page on WordPress

d). It is one of the perfect features and environment-friendly also, which is designed by way of WordPress to extend the target audience for social media

#7. Easy social media share

Easy share for social media is free, and the less complicated plugins reachable for growing social media sharing of content material on WordPress. It will assist robotically to beautify social media engagement for you.


a). It has an easy and secure interface with clicks for social sharing

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b). It presents you with auto social media share counters

c). Simpler putting on dashboards

d). Advanced layouts for enhancing designs

#8. Cool plugin

You can get this plugin without any prices. For increasing graphics quality or high definition, graphics are attained with the help of cool image share plugin on any kind of blog post.


a). If you want to add share options on all your blogs or posts content, it can be more efficient to use,

b). Small settings can be done sizing, positioning, organizing content, or other social site options. 

c). People can upload all formats of pictures whatever they want with the help of it.

#9. Buffer to schedule 

Buffer provides advantages to create posts to place on websites. Besides, associate apps can run with the help of it. 


a). It instinctively informs the user if posts are uploaded for WordPress. this plugin also updates schedules for the buffer

b). Organize settings to advance user posts engagement

c). You can get it without paying any fees.

#10. Better-Click for Tweeting

This provides the user with opportunities to create engaging posts for WordPress. Besides, by using this plugin, users will get additional options for clicking and tweeting. Moreover, you can increase your SEO experiences with it. 


a). There are no fees for this plugin.

b). A more natural way to produce options for tweeting.  

c). Get it on WordPress.org

d). Create many links to increase SEO

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