Show box for LG smart TV

Show box for LG smart TV

Being a movie lover, you have to discover every newly released movie and also the previous one. But many restrictions stop movie lovers from watching movies online at free of cost. So the question is “How to watch free movies online”? And I have the perfect answer to this question, and the answer is a show box. I think you have some information about the Show box, but who does not know about the show box? I will give you all the information about this and also help you. By show box, you can easily watch movies online. For enjoying movies through the show box, you will need a smart TV, and I will suggest you use LG smart TV. Well, I am mostly focused on LG smart TV because LG has proven itself the best smart TV technology. I will tell you “show box for LG smart TV,” and I am also going to reveal some facts and tips about movie streaming lovers.

Is ShowBox for LG Smart TV something you are looking for?

Previously, I have told you a little bit about smart TVs and their innovation; now I will tell you about LG smart TVs and tell you why LG TVs are perfect for the show box. LG TV has a 240p or 4k, which means it covers almost every inch of streaming content. Another thing is that you will get better visual experience together with audio. When we talk about streaming movies online, I suggest that the show box is essential for smart TV as an internet connection is essential for smartphones. The show box for LG smart TV is purely for movie lovers. Let’s talk about another show box, and I will also tell you how to install the show box.

Guide to Install show box for your Smart TV:

Step 1 is the first download show box app from a trusted website. Then step 2 is go to the setting and enable the unknown source. The 3rd step is to open the show box app your download. In the 4th step, start the installation, and the last step is when the installation is complete, go to the Main Menu for video search and download for your smart TV. So these are the simple steps by which you can install a show box for your smart TV. Even a small kid can do these steps after installation and enjoys watching a movie.

Can I download ShowBox on my LG Smart TV?

Yes, of course, you can easily download and install the Show box in your LG smart TV. The steps for installing the show box in your LG smart TV are the same as the step I told you before. Another Smart TV is also best for establishing a Show box, but my number 1 is always LG Smart TV because of its resolution, sound, and even size, and these things matter for movie lovers. In my view, LG has the best Smart TV ever, and if you try this, I am sure you will also like it. 

How to Enable Unknown Sources on LG Smart TV?

I want to tell you that I am not supporting any 3rd party app for Smart TV because 3rd party apps may harm your operating system and maybe the whole system. You know that the Show box app is not available on Google Play store. That is why you have to download Show box from a third-party source, and then you will have to install this app on your Smart TV. For that action, you have to permit 3rd party apps that are to be installed in your Smart TV’s operating system. So I will tell you steps by following these steps, you can get access to the Show box for LG Smart TV.

So the steps are:

a). Is that go to the Home screen then go to APP icon > Settings.

b). Is about your security. Do the Following.

  • Security
  • Fingerprints and security
  • Lock screen and security

c). Is that you have to do the following things after selecting one option from the above.

  • Now tap on the option Unknown source by which you will enable or disable it. For installing 3rd party apps, you have to allow it to.
  • Now press on the Unknown sources switches to turn on or off. You have to on it.
  • Read the description and then tap on the OK button.


I write these things from the experience of mine. Maybe there are more devices, and perhaps they are similar to the device that I used for the show box. It is an excellent idea for movie lovers to use show boxes, and it is also better if you use show boxes on LG Smart TV. But if you want to use other devices like Samsung, that is also the right decision; they are also useful devices. I suggest LG Smart TV because it is my own experience. I am also a movie lover. There is also an option to download movies in the show box by which you download it and watch it later when you are offline. There is also another option watch later by this option, and you can select the movie you want to watch after some days after picking it, you can watch this movie when you want.

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