How Do Brands Use Celebrities to Attract More Customers Through Instagram?

How Do Brands Use Celebrities to Attract More Customers Through Instagram?

Like any other small business, you may also be interested in engaging with your target audience to increase conversions. But how does this happen? Among various social media channels, Instagram can be pretty effective in using influencer marketing for selling products. Since Instagrammers tend to follow others based on shared interests, it becomes easier to attract real customers. As you know, the platform hosts many Hollywood celebrities with millions of followers in their accounts. Brands leverage their massive presence on the platform to expand their reach. Here is a quick insight into what they do and how in this endeavor. You can also learn from their tactics and apply them to your campaigns.

Choice of the Celebrity

Getting a celebrity onboard is not enough. You have to be conscious of who you choose. Celebs’ personality should resonate with your brand voice to ensure people don’t get distracted by their presence and lose your message. Hence, you have to find someone who can be the natural fit for your offerings, and your product gets the attention. For inspiration, you can study other brands. For example, a hair product brand uses Kylie Jenner as their ambassador. She has 38 million Instagram followers, admiring her for the looks and trying to imitate her style.

So, it is essential to select the right celebrity for your brand. You can figure this out by determining your target audience and their favorite celebrities. It will come in handy in brand positioning also. In this process, you will want to establish a brand identity and what it stands for through communication. When you fix these areas, you get clarity about which celebrity can be the best fit. 

Product Showcase

Earlier, you could only post photos on Instagram. Today, it is a feature-rich platform where you can also upload videos. It can be a fantastic tool for influencer marketing. With images, it may not have been possible to show the different stages of your product. But videos allow you to achieve this seamlessly. You can treat it as a short commercial also. If you saw a video in which Chris Brown used a device to travel around, you may have got the idea. People were curious to know about the device shown in the video, and some even probably went ahead to buy it. 

It reveals the actual potential of influencer marketing. In essence, you can also try to rope in celebrities to communicate user experience and tickle their interest in your product. Once you get momentum with your campaigns, you will not need to work too hard. Even media coverage can become a possibility as journalists run after celebrities to find out what’s going on in their lives and more. Nevertheless, make sure you have a star who can rightly represent your brand in the video. As mentioned, you can later use this video as a commercial also. The video’s theme can serve as a guide for your users about using a specific product of your company. 

However, before you talk to a celebrity and start thinking of producing content with them, it will be better to gain some followers on your Instagram page. If you recently debuted on the platform, the number of followers on your account can be meager. With that small base, you may fail to convince a star to accept your offer. That’s why it is essential to increase your followers. Since it can be challenging to attract lots of people in a day or two, you can buy real IG followers to attain your goal.

Many popular brands and even celebrities also do this sometimes. Hence, you don’t have to stress about it. The only thing is those accounts should be active and authentic, and they should engage with your brand genuinely.

Benefits of the Products

You don’t have to speak about the numerous advantages of using your products. When you have a celebrity to endorse your offer, you can leverage their personality to convey what your product can do to others. Some brands already do it and have been successful in this. For example, you can study brands specializing in teeth whitening. They are some of the best companies to observe and pick a thing or two from them.

Instagram as a platform imparts a feeling that anyone can use a product that their favorite celebrities do. Due to this, bringing them onboard for promotional activities makes sense. Their followers and those who follow their following base can all become your potential customers. Hence, you can imagine a vast scale for your product. But it will be better to avoid loudness. Your message should reach the audience in a refined and sophisticated fashion. It should be intriguing for anyone watching or reading the content, no matter what the format is. If you achieve this, your influencer marketing can work its magic the way you expected. 

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