Angular Developer Salary In The US: How Much Do They Earn?

Angular Developer Salary In The US: How Much Do They Earn?

A computer programmer is the most sought-after specialty in the digital world. Universal professionals write codes for everything that surrounds us. They work with computers, create software and automate production lines, develop algorithms and programs based on mathematical models.


Programmers are divided into three main categories: 

* Applied – they develop software for enterprises and organizations, for example 1C. 

* Systemic – work with social networks, create OS and interfaces to databases. Specialization requires high qualifications and is well paid. 

* Web developers deal with the global Internet, write codes for web pages, etc.


Many programmers work remotely or in large international firms. For them, there are no borders between countries, wages are the same everywhere. The most basic criterion for evaluating the work of coders is still knowledge of programming languages. Dedicated software development team.


Depending on the position held, place of residence and field of activity, programmers earn: 

  1. Sacramento, java developer – from $ 40 to $ 70 / hour.
  2. Senior iOC developer, San Francisco – $ 88.
  3. Senior PHP programmer with knowledge of java, C ++ and work experience of 7 years – $ 110 / hour. 
  4. Senior software engineer in Headwood with at least 3 years of experience and proficiency in CSS, HPHL JavaScript – up to $ 80 / hour. 
  5. A junior programmer in San Jus makes up to $ 90,000 / year.


The experience has a great influence on the level of income: 

* if the work experience is less than 5 years, the developer receives no more than $ 49,000 / year; 

* a professional with serious portfolio developments and 10 years of experience, earns about $ 63,000 / year; 

* profits of top-class craftsmen and managers with 20 years of experience reach $ 71,000 / year.


Web development is a very developing and demanded segment in the IT field. The JavaScript developer profession is one of the most popular in this field, and is also among the most in demand in general. Plus, for beginners, it’s probably one of the best programming languages for learning from scratch.


It will be useful to find out the main advantages and disadvantages of the profession in order to assess how it suits a particular person. Of course, a minus for one can be a plus for another (for example, working in a team or alone), but you can highlight the main aspects.


List of pros: 

high popularity of the programming language; 

you can work remotely; 

low entry threshold for beginners without related experience; 

you can work in frontend, backend or fullstack; language support by all browsers; 

the ability to work on the design and interface; you can create unique dynamic elements for sites; 

high angular salary

a large number of libraries (React.js, Vue.js, Ember.js, Adobe Spry, AngularJS, etc.). 


List of cons:

 high competition in the web, especially in front-end development; 

knowledge in algebra is needed; 

the field of work requires constant training, as the industry develops rapidly and new tools appear; 

the syntax is similar to C, which is clearly not a convenience syntax.


We’ll find out which programming languages will be the most profitable in the US this year. Let’s take a close look at the United States, because this is where the market for new technologies is growing the fastest. It is in Silicon Valley that trends are created that affect the rest of the world. It is also the market that has been the most thoroughly researched and attracts the interest of both large companies and skilled IT workers.


10th – SQL (81 000$/year)

9th – C# (95 000$/year)

8th – JavaScript (99 000$/year)

7th – R (99 000$/year)

6th – C (100 000$/year)

5th – Perl (105 000$/year)

4th – C++ (112 000$/year)

3th – Python (115 000$/year)

2th – Objective-C (119 000$/year)

1th – Java (134 000$/year)

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