AAT is the Association of accounting technicians or AAT which is a membership-based organization that provides finance and accountancy qualifications to professionals. The organization was founded in the year 1980 and headquartered in London. AAT boasts of 130,000 members in over 90 countries in the world.

An AAT qualification equips students with enough skills and complex knowledge that they can expect higher positions in organizations. It is also a great qualification for candidates who would like to have their own business. As per the AAT membership protocol, all members need to conduct themselves professionally and ethically, agree with the AAT rules and keep themselves updated with the required knowledge.

AAT qualifications are recognized all over the world and mostly cover all practical industry-related accounting skills. It is a highly respected qualification in the fields of finance and accountancy.

AAT degree can be undertaken at any age and with any level of experience. Read on to learn more & sign up for an AAT online course now.

AAT Qualification

Earning an AAT qualification is the first step towards becoming an accountant. ACCA is an advanced course meant for accountants. AAT offers technical level qualification. 

There are three accountancy level qualifications offered by AAT divided into four levels — 

  • AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting (level 2)
  • AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting (level 3)
  • AAT Professional diploma in accounting (level 4)

Work experience is optional for earning an AAT qualification but compulsory when you are pursuing the level four course. Whereas other accountancy courses like ACCA requires a minimum of 3 years work experience.

If you have finished your A levels, planning to make a career change, or wanting your career to go forward, AAT is a good qualification to pursue.

How are the AAT assessments done?

In AAT courses students are required to complete 3 units of compulsory assessments with usually 2 optional units and 1 synoptic exam. 

All assessments for the qualifications are set and market by the AAT body. They are time-specific, and computer based. Training providers or assessment centers can conduct assessments or tests at approved venues. The units and synoptic assessments do not meet individual grading. The marks obtained in all the assessments contribute to the overall grades of a students. 

Career prospects with an AAT

With an AAT you can become a professional bookkeeper. The bookkeepers are responsible for keeping the financial records of an organization or workplace and provides a clear picture ok the finances. Bookkeepers also handle financial admin, purchasing and invoicing, data processing, preparing financial accounts, payroll accounting etc.

Account’s assistants support the work of the accounting departments by performing tasks like preparing the budgets and reports, admin, filing, fact checking, communicating with suppliers and clients, maintain and record transactions. 

Payroll managers manage the payroll team. They train and supervise the team to ensure all legislative compliances are met. They work closely with the HRs and solve any payroll issues that an employee might face in the organization. 

You can also decide to make the move into the education industry by teaching and using your specialist skills and knowledge to benefit the future generations of AAT professionals. You can opt for lecturing, tutoring, training the future AAT professionals and can also create new materials for learning.

You can also choose to be an entrepreneur and start your own business and end-up being self-employed by working on accounts for the small businesses.

Other than the above roles, you can work as an account manager, consultant, a chartered accountant, lobbying or specialize in other finance fields like tax, credit, and audit management.

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