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A Step-By-Step Guide for DIY Demolition

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So, you’ve decided to take on a demolition project, but do you know how to start? Knocking down a wall, dividing concrete, or removing a shower can be a part of your DIY projects if you know how to perform it.

When tackling these projects on your own, it becomes essential for you to have the required expertise and plan to avoid costly blunders and structural issues.

So, whether you’re demolishing a shed or cutting a hole in your wall, you’ll have to start by properly preparing the area and ensuring you have the correct tools for the task.

We have outlined a few crucial demolition tips below to help you carry out your DIY projects in the best possible manner:

5 Demolition Tips for Your DIY Projects:

From dust management to picking out the most efficient and convenient way to dispose of your waste, here are some tips to consider before performing a DIY demolition:

1.    Devise a Strategy:

While attempting a DIY demolition, there’s a lot to consider, so don’t go in unprepared. Not to forget, pulling things down, tearing down walls, and cleaning up the mess can take a long time. Thus, a plan can help you complete your project quickly and with minimal damage and cleanup.

For instance, if you’re entirely reconstructing a space, take out the carpet as it will help you sweep up nails, dust, and debris.

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Remove the old cabinets first if you’re going to build new ones and consider reaching out to local Sydney rubbish removals to have a reliable pickup of your demolished furniture.

Make a project timeline that works for you and start strategising, especially if you’ll live in your house during restoration.

2.    Get a License:

Most localities necessitate a building permit for any interior or exterior demolition services. Officials usually want to know if you’ll turn off utilities and switch off the water supply to your home. You must also notify your neighbours about the scheduled activities. Contact your local building inspector for specific requirements in your location.

Pro tip: Ensure that your permit is visible like on your main entrance so that everyone passing by knows the job you’re performing an authorised activity.

Moreover, your municipality might require you to obtain a dumpster permit if you rent a dumpster for debris removal and need to place it on the street.

3.    Contain the Mess:

Demolition is a filthy process, so expect to get your hands dirty. Ensure to account for the time it will take to clean up. When you (safely) crash a countertop, knock down a wall, or throw drywall, it can be exciting to embrace the mess.

Still, we recommend following these guidelines to keep the mess limited and easy to clean:

●       Install Dust Barriers:

Naturally, a demolition will generate a lot of dust and debris, so keep it restricted to your work area. Install plastic sheets from the ceiling to the floor and between the framework and the walls. Shut doors and seal off corridors after that. To control the mess, you’ll have to construct a room within a room. Finally, to keep your floors clean, cover the area with a plastic floor barrier or wear boots over your shoes.

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●       Cover Air Vents:

You risk spreading dust throughout the house or clogging the furnace filter if you don’t cover the air ducts in the area where you’re working. Pull the handle or turn the dial to close the vent. Then, wrap it with plastic to seal the surface.

Pro tip: Keep your heaters and air conditioning system turned off and seal the vents to avoid damage.

●       Move Dust Outside:

The room will become dirty as you work. Use a fan to blow dust out the window. Open a door or window on the other side of the room for optimal airflow.

●       Use Cardboard as a Barrier:

Cardboards come in handy during demolition. Tape the cardboard down to the counters and other flat surfaces to avoid dust accumulation. Cardboards are also an excellent way to protect cupboard corners, countertop edges, and wall corners from dents. Use painter’s tape to hold the cardboard in place and remove it quickly once complete.

You might also use cardboard to cover the bottoms of the walls. Keep the strips longer than the baseboards to protect the sides. Lastly, cover them with cardboard if you’re concerned about flying particles destroying the walls.

Pro tip: Ask a local food store or warehouse if they plan to recycle trash boxes to reduce waste.

●       Secure Windows:

Wrap windows with sheets to avoid destroying window coverings, such as wood or plastic curtains, or having to disinfect them afterwards. Remove and wash the curtains to make them clean and safe when the room is complete. Detach screens to avoid any breakage.

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●       Hire a Dumpster:

Rent a dumpster to have a waste removal solution available while you clean. The dumpster will simplify the cleanup process. If you’re working on a big project and only have room for one dumpster, request an empty-and-return service to get a new one once the previous one gets loaded.

Furthermore, having a container in your driveway will save you from making multiple visits to the dumpster since demolition debris is often not accepted with roadside trash.

When Should You Hire an Expert?

Demolition, as you may know, is a difficult task. Smashing objects can be interesting, but you must take precautions. Hire a demolition company in Melbourne if you are unsure about your capacity to do the work safely and on time.

Demolition can be physically demanding. It includes several components that require extensive research and knowledge. Don’t do these projects on your own if you don’t want to or can’t take the time to learn about them.

Try a non – load bearing project first, but leave anything that involves load-bearing walls, ceilings, pillars, columns, window frames, or flooring to the professional demolition contractors.

We at MERHI GROUP have a depth of demolition knowledge and experience and would be pleased to assist you with your next job. Contact us https://www.merhigroupptyltd.com.au/  for further information and a no-obligation quote.

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