Waterdrop Is Reaching Out To African Communities

Waterdrop Is Reaching Out To African Communities

Waterdrop’s goal to reach out and help thousands of African homes by offering access to clean, pure drinking water is in the works. Waterdrop is now sponsoring The Water Project (TWP) for the next three years. With the Water Project, Waterdrop will be funding many water projects across Western Kenya to solve the drinking water issues including poor hygienic conditions. 

Waterdrop has collaborated with The Water Project to launch Water4Smile. This program is aimed at building new toilets and hand-washing stations for sub-Saharan African schools.  Children in this region will benefit from improved water conditions for use. The program will also solve the problem of poor water facilities and, in many cases, there are no facilities whatsoever. Water4Smile has been a huge success by reaching out to over 5,500 students to date.


Since its launch in 2015, the company has lived by and pursued the goal of solving water problems around the world.  The company is known for its hundreds of dependable, excellent purification solutions, resulting in global acclaim as one of the best water purification brands on the planet.

Waterdrop is constantly improving global household drinking water safety and will continue on that path with the best products that meet their commitment.

Their perfectly designed and executed water purification solutions follow the latest purification approaches backed by high-end technology. They are focused on the designing and manufacturing of these systems using advanced technology while integrating R&D production and sales.

Millions of families in the United States, as well as around the world, trust Waterdrop as the company to go to for advanced water solutions. The company can rightfully brag they have customers in all countries and regions around the world including South America, North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

They are driven by endless praise and recommendations from their users and customers.

The Water Project & Waterdrop

The Water Project is a well-known charity organization with a vision to help sub-Saharan African communities by offering good water solutions that will stop the shortage of clean water and get rid of sub-standard hygiene facilities.

Waterdrop is a very well-known water purification brand, specializing in designing and producing effective water purification solutions. While Waterdrop influences the most advanced technology in the world to create smart purification products, it’s also a giant in research and development. The brand prioritizes the design and manufacturing of core systems and technologies by combining R&D, production, and sales.

A mother in Uganda talked about their lack of clean water. Her children suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea, diseases on a regular basis. As of late, she has suffered from typhoid fever.

Under the current water conditions in these areas, there is a need for help. Waterdrop and The Water Project will reach out and help African communities living in unsafe water conditions by giving them access to pure, clean water effortlessly.

Outside of funding The Water Project, Waterdrop will be a strong supporter of the water use industry in Western Africa. They have very high hopes for the sub-Saharan African communities and can’t wait to see these hopes turn into reality.

Waterdrop Water Filter Systems

Waterdrop offers over 200 water purification products including reverse osmosis water filtration systems, under sink water purification systems, faucet water filters, refrigerator water filters, and whole house water filters. All these products have been fully tested and verified by NSF, CSA, UL, WARS, WQA,  and many other distinguished international regulators.

The WD-G3-W Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter system is one of the most advanced and popular water filters on the market to date. It’s easy to use and the compact design is NSF tested and certified for standards 58 and 372 to remove viruses, cysts, lead, and other impurities found in water.

WD-G3 under sink water filter offers 3 stages of efficient water filtration to remove up to 99% of harmful contaminants in water. If you need clean quality drinking water for your home or office, look for the WD-G3-W under sink water filter for great results.