5 Unique Styles Of Coffin That Are Ideal For Your Loved One’s Funeral 

5 Unique Styles Of Coffin That Are Ideal For Your Loved One’s Funeral 

When preparing for a loved one’s funeral, you will find that not all coffins are created equal. It can be quite the opposite. You can find a plethora of different styles, materials, and other factors that play into making a coffin unique. When you are thinking about your loved one, you know their personality and, therefore, what they would have been comfortable in; when you are looking for something different, try these five options.

A Traditional Time 

A sarcophagus is classic while offering a modest yet traditional look. What sets them apart is that the top is flat while being narrow at both the head and the toes. They can also be changed to have a raised lid to add a decorative feel that makes it feel slightly more modern compared to the other options that you will see. 

Eco-friendly Options Are The New Trend

While funeral trends may not be something you have heard of before because we are moving toward being an ecologically minded society, eco coffins from Titan Casket are the latest thing. You will find that they are made out of more natural materials and are sustainable and helpful to the planet instead of hurting it. You will also find that these options are made with recyclable materials in many cases, which means that they won’t take hundreds of years to biodegrade. 

Bamboo Offers A More Natural Look

Bamboo offers you a natural look and is one of the fastest and most beautiful growing plants on the planet. That creates an attractive option for you to utilize, and it’s incredibly durable.  You get innovative options here that look as if you have been buried in a warm and intricately designed coffin that would make for incredible comfort. 

Fabric Offers You A Look Of True Decadence

You will find that a fabric coffin offers a look that is entirely different from others on the market, and as a result, you have something that cannot be found anywhere else. You also get an old-school look that would remind you of times long ago when funerals were a much bigger procession and took days instead of hours. 

A Printed Coffin Is Different 

One of the latest things to do for your loved one is to have a printed picture over the coffin. It is a digital print and has multiple designs for you to choose from. The option is not everyone’s cup of tea, as some find this distasteful. To those that like the idea, you can put your loved one’s unique personality into the design and let the coffin feel more like a personal tribute to them. 

Stay True To The Family Member

When you choose the coffin for your family, stay true to them and what they would want. If your loved one was traditional and didn’t like frills, a fabric option or printed option probably won’t be what they wanted. With such a variety of options available to you, you can choose the best opportunity to make everyone happy and know that you have given your loved one a great final resting place.

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