4 Tips To Create A Powerful Logistics Strategy?

4 Tips To Create A Powerful Logistics Strategy?

Most eCommerce professionals understand that a company’s long-term viability depends not only on the acquisition of new customers but also on the ability to cultivate a loyal customer base that will buy from you again and again. One of the most commonly cited figures in this industry is that attracting a new customer costs five times more than keeping an existing one.

What strategies can you use to encourage this type of customer to return? Regarding customer loyalty, the list of logistics distribution company dubai is often overlooked in favor of product features, customer service, and post-purchase communication. Yet it is one of the aspects of your company that can have a significant, if not critical, impact on customer retention rates. Indeed, 55% of customers who had a bad shipping experience say they will never order from that retailer again.

To create satisfied customers who return to your store, the answer is straightforward: you must develop an effective and dependable strategy for your logistics distribution company dubai. The good news is that these suggestions will assist you in doing so.

Planning Is Essential

The first steps in the logistics distribution company in Dubai chain are correctly managing your inventory and selecting dependable suppliers. It may seem self-evident, but failing to have the items advertised on your website in your warehouse will inevitably disappoint your customers. So, whether you manage your supply in-house or outsource it, you must keep track of it.

What is the best course of action? Tracking is crucial – you must master the art of supply and demand, which is no easy feat, but regular stock-taking will significantly assist you. Review your forecasts regularly and set aside time to calculate safety stocks – these are the first steps toward an accurate inventory. You should note that there is plenty of eCommerce Inventory Management Software available.

Consider adding a livestock counter to your store that activates when an item is running low on stock. It encourages conversion through scarcity and makes shoppers more aware of when a product will run out, preventing disappointment.

Be Open And Honest About Shipping Costs And Terms

Your customers’ loyalty begins (and sometimes ends) with their belief in your logistics distribution company Dubai. In his TED talk “Lessons from an Ad Man,” Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group, states that it’s not so much the length as it is the unknown when it comes to issues like waiting times frustrate customers. Customers’ loyalty is thus earned through transparency in critical areas such as price and shipping. List your various delivery options (including any potential delays, such as holidays), expected delivery dates, associated costs, and return policies. In other words, provide all necessary information to the customer to set realistic expectations and avoid unpleasant surprises. Making those details visible and free of jargon will also aid this goal.

Provide As Many Choices As Your Customers Require

Transparency is essential, as previously stated, but flexibility is the cherry on top. Customers nowadays are self-centered, and they expect retailers to provide products that fit their lifestyles and requirements. It is especially true in Dubai logistics distribution company and order fulfillment.

When choosing the delivery option, many customers abandon their shopping cart. Why is that? They haven’t found the delivery method they desire, and keep in mind that you must consider both delivery/pick-up options and speed.

According to the most recent FEVAD survey, 83 percent of consumers want a door-to-door shipping option, while 66 percent think a pick-up option is essential. You can provide them with standard, express, and even next-day delivery options. It also allows you to offer different price options, which is essential because shipping prices have been shown to cause 55 percent of shopping cart abandonment – allowing customers to choose the level and price they invest in eliminates this risk.

Select The Most Appropriate Shipping Partners And Distribution Tools

Your customer no longer sees a distinction between the carrier delivering their order and the company they are purchasing from; it is all part of the same buying experience. As a result, your shipping partner will be an extension of your brand. As a result, choose wisely. A negative experience at this point will undo all of your previous efforts.

The price is, of course, the most important consideration when a company chooses its partners. However, while necessary, it should not be the only factor you consider: you can and should look for information on a company’s successful delivery rates, delay rates, complimentary insurance, and customer service statistics.

The carrier will usually provide you with this information during their commercial presentations and negotiations, but you will need to conduct your research to check a company’s reliability indeed.


Various tools have emerged to answer eCommerce needs and simplify your shipping process. Shipping Modules are available in many eCommerce solutions, or you can use a comparison website: They have the advantage of providing you with quotes from multiple Dubai logistics distribution company. Some of them have several features that will help you simplify your shipments. Consider using an eCommerce solution with an integrated shipping module, which will compare shipping services and costs and save you time from researching and contacting individual couriers.