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3D mammograms and what are the benefits of doing them

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Among the types of cancer which affect worm breast remain at the top. Every day there is the advocacy of ways to prevent breast cancer and among the recommended solutions to overcome breast cancer is through screening. 

The doctors say there are chances of living longer if the cancer is detected at an early stage before it has developed to 3 or 4th stage. The urge to screen women for breast cancer has led to the development of 3D mammography. The technology is a big win to women as it is advanced and can detect cancer cells early enough thus get treated. 

Other primary benefits of the screening mammogram include detecting the mass hidden in cancer cells and even small cells hiding in the breast tissues. The technology is more advanced compared to 2D mammography. 

The 3D mammography gives a woman a chance to get a mammography test; hence know if she is healthy and if there are cancer cells detected, get the tumor removed right away before the cancer cells spread. 

There are benefits of undertaking an early mammography test as you reduce the chances of getting the whole breast removed. The cost is lower than when the cancer cells have spread, and there is a reduction in the discomfort. 

Benefits of 3D mammography

If you have not been going for the mammography test, it is not too late to start going for the screen often and ensure your breast is healthy. 3D mammography is the new technology adopted by hospitals worldwide, and you must understand why they prefer 3D mammography over 2D mammography. 

Reduction on callbacks

Various studies have indicated that 3D mammography results in decreased callbacks or requests for a patient to return to the doctor’s office when a mammogram reveals something abnormal.

The doctor can see the tiny tumors and lumps buried behind dense breast tissue using 3D technology. You’ll likely be summoned back because your previous mammograms were 2D, and the doctor wants to make sure the masses aren’t tissue alterations that may suggest malignancy.

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As a result, 3D mammography has been found to enhance accuracy and lower false positives in women. As a result, there will be reduced callbacks and follow-up testing. If the radiologist has queries about the photographs, the women are contacted and asked to return for more pictures.

 Finding smaller cancers earlier

3D technology, in combination with less intrusive diagnostics, helps us detect breast cancer sooner when it is smaller and easier to cure. Additionally, it has been discovered that 3D mammography is more beneficial in young women with thick breasts.

Early detection of malignancies, such as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) – cancer that is restricted to the milk ducts – provides patients more control over their treatment options.

Clinical trials are being conducted to explore if imaging can monitor ductal carcinoma in situ to see if it changes or expands over time. Early detection of cancer allows women to choose from various treatment choices and decide which one best suits their beliefs and objectives.

The patient’s personal and cultural preferences should be balanced with her lifestyle factors and the urgency of her condition while making care decisions.

Those who don’t agree with the use of 3D mammograms believe that discovering some indolent-type ductal carcinoma in situ can lead to overtreatment, such as removing or otherwise managing cancer that may never grow or spread.

Instead of criticizing mammography tests for early cancer detection, doctors should advise the patient that there are conservative treatment options. Patients have a right to know whether they have early breast cancer to make educated decisions.

A five-year or longer survival rate is possible as an insufficient modern outcome metric for breast cancer screening. Early screening mammograms detected breast cancer has a high five-year survival rate. As a result, detecting tiny malignancies using 3D mammography allows women to plan for more than just “survival” over the following five years.

3D mammograms help the patient save money, time, and discomfort

Costs from 3D mammography exceed the perceived risks for several patients and providers. A 3D mammography is usually covered by insurance at no cost to the patient.

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Patients with 3D imaging will undoubtedly spend less money on additional diagnostic mammograms since there will be fewer recalls. They will spend less time commuting from and to the doctor’s office for comeback sessions.

These requested patients are likely to forgo diagnostic mammograms and move straight into ultrasound because 3D mammograms already have the image functionality we would like to assess. Consequently, patients who have been recalled may have less radiation during a mammogram singapore.


Less discomfort

There is only one big variation in the process for women who undergo a 3D mammography rather than a 2D mammogram. Instead of two different breast compressions, mostly during the mammogram, you only require one.

Two x-ray images of the breast are taken in a traditional 2D mammogram: one from top to bottom and another oriented side to side. For each of these photographs, the woman must move her breast into position beneath the compression paddle.

It is the machine that moves in 3D mammography. It spins around the compressed breast in an arc, collecting several photos from various perspectives. As a result, only one compression is required per breast. It’s a more comfortable experience for some women.

Better for dense breast tissue

Screening dense breasts with 3D mammography may be more accurate. In women with thick breasts, it’s more difficult to see an underlying malignancy on a typical 2D mammography. When you use a 3D mammography device, it’s a lot easier.

Do you know how to tell if your breasts are dense? That is a discussion that every woman should have with her doctor. But when the breast has many glandular plus connective tissues but not much fatty tissue, they’re deemed dense. Breast density affects almost half of all women over the age of 40.

Chances are if you have thick breasts, the doctor is likely to suggest a 3D mammogram test. Several women with dense breasts and a low risk of breast cancer, on the other hand, do not require 3D mammograms.

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Earlier diagnosis:

In a 2D mammography test, overlapping tissues can hide small cancers. In any event, the image “cuts” can be viewed one by one with 3D mammography. As a result, 3D mammography may be able to detect malignant cells earlier than traditional mammography.

Less Anxiety:

The use of 3D mammography can reduce the likelihood of false positives. A 3D view’s increased precision in diagnosing atypical structures minimizes the number of tests performed on the patient, lowering anxiety. 

Safe and Effective:

Compared to regular mammography, a 3D mammogram is likely to expose women to a modest amount of additional radiation. However, this additional radiation is substantially below the specified limits, and no additional risk has been demonstrated from such a little amount of radiation.

After evaluating the radiation issue and deciding that the benefits must outweigh the potential risk connected with 3D mammography, the use of 3D mammography has been approved and given the green light for large-scale medical use.

Wrapping up

Staying on top of your screenings is the greatest approach to avoid breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, women have a risk of breast cancer at the age of 45.

If women between the ages of 40 and 44 want, they can start undergoing mammograms every year. Once you have hit above 55 years old, women can begin screening every two years, with the option to continue screening annually.

Here you can find the 3D mammogram centre where you will get a screen and your result immediately. We offer the best mammogram in Singapore. You can be assured even after cancer cells are detected, you will be advised of the next steps to get the treatment from the best doctors in Singapore.

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