10 Retirement Gifts that Are Sure to Delight

10 Retirement Gifts that Are Sure to Delight

Retirement is a life milestone that is much like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Regardless of the type of job or career that is being ‘left behind, the retiree welcomes a new style of living that includes more free time for themselves to do what they love. This might be creative in nature, academic, athletic or involve traveling around the world. Basically, all pursuits that weren’t in their grasp while working 40+ hours every week are now able at be considered and thoroughly enjoyed.

Still, while this change in schedule and lifestyle is highly anticipated, there may be some amount of trepidation related to it. Questions like, Will I get bored? Will I have enough to do? Will I be motivated to do the things I want to do? often abound for retirees as they simply find it difficult to imagine a life without the regimen of work.  

When a friend or loved one retires, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your support for them, and to encourage them in their new lifestyle pursuits. These activities could be long time cravings or new experiences which held surprising appeal.  Demonstrate your sincere encouragement and positivity for their future endeavors with gift ideas such as:

  1. Personalized Travel Bag – Choose a “weekender” style canvas bag for a variety of cool features that your retired friend or loved one can take with them for a day trip or an excursion around the world. It’s a classic size that travelers appreciate for its durability and ease of handling. It has two handles, an adjustable shoulder strap with leather and antique brass accents. Personalize it with their initials to happily send them on their way toward their new adventure!

  2. A Set of Acrylic or Oil Paints Most people don’t realize that they have a creative side until they have the time to explore one. Gifting a set of paints, brushes and canvases might be just the encouragement your retired friend needs to let their artistic side evolve!

  3. Hearing aids – If you are close enough to the retiring person to know that they need hearing aids and they are comfortable with receiving them as a gift, then this might just be something that changes their life entirely.  Hearing loss is subtle, and the quality-of-life hearing aids offer is priceless.

  4. Gift Card – Available to use at a vast variety of retailers, get the retiree a gift card for a business that will help her/him utilize their hidden talents or skills, or one that is just for fun! You can obtain gift cards for retailers such as Target, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and many more. It’s a gift that will always be appreciated.

  5. An Online Cooking Class Did the retiree rely a lot on take-out or frozen meals? Now that they are likely to be on a bit of a budget and have more time, gift them an online cooking class where they can learn the basics of cooking, perhaps enough to show off for you with a home cooked meal!

  6. Push Pin Globe – Where have they traveled before and what is ahead of them? Different from a travel map, a push pin globe is an actual globe that accommodates push pins to indicate destinations of past and for future adventures.  Your gift recipient will perhaps choose a different color push pin for all future travels, and delight in remembering those they have already experienced.

  7. Wine Subscription Subscription boxes are trending, and wine subscriptions are no exception. You can choose the length of the subscription and help the retiree enjoy their permanent days off with the delightful tastes of vineyards near and far.

  8. Cold Brew Coffee Maker – There is a lot that goes into cold brewing, and a Cold Brew Maker is packaged to include all a brewing aficionado will need to make their own delicious coffee. Having this type of coffee maker will save them time and money, with no standing in line for specialty caffeinated drink. This amazing brewer will satisfy their long-time desire to become a skilled barista!

  9. An Ultra-Large Leather Paper Leaf-style Journal – Decorated with colorful, natural stones and made entirely of genuine leather, this journal includes 120 blank paper leaves and is a piece of art all on its own. For the would-be designer, artist or dreamer, an enormous, handmade journal will hold an equally large place in their heart.

  10. Offer A Real-Life Experience Is there something that the retiree has always talked about doing but never had the chance to do it? Sometimes, it takes someone else to step up to the plate and offer an experience that might otherwise be an unfulfilled dream. Choose from adventures like river rafting, a sunset sky tour, learning to surf, a cruise on a catamaran, ziplining, and so much more. 

Now, more than ever before, is the time for your favorite retiree to get up close and personal with their dreams. Help them seek adventure and reap rewards with a thoughtful, timeless gift they won’t soon forget.

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