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Why do People Condemn Technology & All Its Innovations?

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The 21st century is supposedly the best place to live in, paradoxically; it is also the worst place to live in. This contradiction is something that all of us are familiar with and experience every day of our lives.

a). When we sit in the comfort of our cars, we love technology. However, when we get stuck in traffic and reach late to work, we abhor it. 

b). When we can connect with our loved ones through our smartphones, we love technology. However, when our friends get so immersed in their phones that they neglect us, we start detesting it.

The continuous favoring and loathing technology has made all of us walking and talking paradox. Can you argue with me? I do not think so.

Technology has numerous benefits, indeed, but for every advantage, there is an equally powerful drawback. And these drawbacks are the reason why people have started condemning technology.

Let delve into them a little deeper. 

Pollution and Global Warming 

The levels of pollution we experience today and the levels our ancestors had lived through in the previous centuries are worlds apart. 

The main reason for pollution is human activities and only those human activities that involve technology. 

a). Have you heard about the phrase Carbon Footprint? 

b). It signifies the level of greenhouse gases that are released because of human activities, and activities involving technology are the prime contributing factors in this feat.

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c). From vehicle emissions to industrial waste and everything in between, even the heat and ventilation systems in our homes are the culprits. 

A deadly consequence of pollution and the excessive amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is Global Warming, which can lead to the demise of the human race, if not controlled. And, all in the name of technology.

Habitat Destruction 

This one is associated with humans thinking that they are the only species that matter. Our superiority complex has made many species vanish from the face of the earth and many more that are on the verge of the same fate.

A significant reason for the depletion of wildlife, which has an equal right to co-exist with us, is the destruction of their habitat. Because animals are losing their homes for the sake of human development, we are losing precious lives that may never come back.

We are establishing technical industries in areas that were previously the homes of the wild animals because building these in residential areas is not safe.

Can you possibly tell me that technology is not the culprit here?

Increased Crime 

Another deadly consequence that justifies people’s condemnation of technology is the increased crime rate. 

If you think about it, the majority of modern crimes happen with the involvement of technology. 

a). Can anyone rob a bank with access to the technological means to hack its system?

b). Can anyone break into your home without knowing the right technology to use it?

c). Can anyone access your bank account without knowing the exact way to fool the system through technology?

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There are criminal masterminds who can do anything with the right kind of technology. There have criminal cases, wherein the culprit has dissolved an entire human body using a science formula. 

The world has become more and more heinous because the nefarious beings have access to technology, and they can do anything that they please, without any inhibitions.

Increased Unemployment 

Technology has created a system in the business world that has made it possible for the producers and service providers to make things happen with the tiniest of manpower.

The switch from manual labor to machine intensive ways has created the menace of mass unemployment all over the world.

For instance, A factory that used to employ 500 people to produce its desired quantities can now efficiently perform the same with just 100 workers and technologically developed machines

Machines have two benefits:

1. One can work with far more accuracy and productivity than any human.

2. And second, they reduce the cost of manufacturing by such a substantial margin that no manufacturer will ever want to go back to manual production.

The resultant class of unemployed has to seek loans to survive the period in-between their jobs. 100% guaranteed loans act as their savior during that time. These loans do not only boast a sure shot approval, but their flexible repayments and digital nature make them even more beneficial.

If it weren’t for these loans, every one of the workers without a job would have to face a fate that would be far too depressing to ever come out of. 

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So, do you not think that technology is a frightening concept, which is detrimental to humans, animals, and even our environment?

Winding Up

During the pandemic and its consequent lockdown, you must have noticed that our Mother Earth had started healing itself, skies had become more explicit, and rivers had become almost crystalline. 

Did you ever wonder why?

It was because the technology was not at work. Industries were closed, and there were no vehicles on the roads. Both of these are examples of technologies. 

Therefore, saying that technology has only made our lives easier is not painting the complete picture. Technology has also made our lives much more complicated than they ever were.

So, you tell me what the solution should be? Should be shunned technology altogether or use it in a way that balances out outs pros and cons?

Because whatever we are doing right now is not the right thing to do, a change is pivotal.


Technology is a double-edged sword. It will make you bleed from all both its sides, so should condemning technology be justified?

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Appeio is a tech enthusiast and gamer who loves to write about the latest news and trends in the industry. He has been writing for over 5 years and has published articles on a variety of websites, including TechCrunch, IGN, and GameSpot. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and helping them stay up-to-date on the latest tech news. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and spending time with his family.
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