What Are The Reasons Behind The Pedestrian Accident Cases In Los Angeles?

What Are The Reasons Behind The Pedestrian Accident Cases In Los Angeles?

Recklessness or negligence of someone can make a simple stroll by the footpath a nightmare. Apart from recklessness and negligence, there are other reasons behind pedestrian accidents. If you are facing a situation like this, contact a Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney; they will help mitigate the losses you are facing after the accident.

Distracted drivers:

Attending phone calls, texting, or even talking to a fellow passenger can distract you from the road. A small distraction is enough to ruin your and someone else’s life. 

Drivers under the influence:

Suppose the driver is on drugs or alcohol, the chance of pedestrian accident increases. Impaired drivers tend to break traffic signals and race against other drivers. Be careful while walking by pedestrians at night.

Bad weather:

Extreme weather conditions like excessive snowfall, rain, thunder, or strong winds may result in causing pedestrian accidents as the roads are slippery, and the view is not clear. 

Condition of the roads:

Pedestrian accidents are also the result of the conditions of the road or road construction sites. Pedestrians may take a different path due to the condition of the road; drivers might not be familiar with people walking on that path, resulting in an accident.

Wearing dark clothes at night:

Some areas are dimly lit at night, and people wearing dark clothes camouflage the dimness. The driver might not understand that someone is walking the streets and thus can cause an accident.

Turning left:

Pedestrians always threaten to get hit by a driver who has taken a left turn. No matter wah the signs say, a driver should be extra careful while taking a left turn.


All the points mentioned earlier state that it is not always the driver who should be held responsible for the accident. There are other reasons too. So if you have met with an accident, recall the incident and be sure it was solely the driver’s fault. If you are sure, you can contact a pedestrian accident attorney and let them handle the case on your behalf. 

When selecting a pedestrian lawyer, be sure they have experience and good communication skills, the fees are not too high, the location is not very far from your place, and a huge rate of successful pedestrian cases in the past.