Top 5 Things to Know About Premise Liability before Holding a Car Show

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When you hold a car show, letting a wide range of vintage cars and modern cars on display; be cautious. As a premise owner, several premise liability clauses will be binding on you.

Violation of such legal liability clauses can put you into legal trouble.  You must consider the following factors and ensure all stipulated guidelines relating to premise liability are followed while holding a car show.  The organizer can also talk to a Paradise car accident lawyer for legal assistance.

Take a look at these factors to clearly understand premise liability clauses:

Accident Prevention Measure In Place

During a car show when a large number of people gather, accidents may happen. Car shows should be held at rented premises, only after taking all measures to prevent any untoward incident.

You should have a first aid kit ready and make arrangements for doctors and nurses during the pendency of the car show. The premises owner may be legally prosecuted if any such accident takes place. You would also be dragged to court for such an unpleasant event of an accident.

Fire Prevention Arrangements

Your premise liability includes, among others, total fire security arrangements. The fire extinguishers should be kept ready at the premises. All anti-fire measures must be taken before the car show. It is one of the liabilities that hinges on the premises related to car shows. 

Prior Information to the Police

In a car show, you can’t prevent certain criminal elements from visiting the place for criminal purposes. It is in your own self-interest that you inform the police about your car show and request their presence at the venue on that day.

Install CCTVs and Spy Cameras

You should install extra CCTVs and several spy cameras while the show is being held. You must keep the control room manned by some hands to monitor all that is happening on the premises.

In the control room, all movement of visitors can be monitored. If the movement of a person or some persons is found to be suspicious on the premises, you should inform the cops immediately. 

Extra Caution for Crowd Management

Efficient crowd management techniques are imperative to holding a car show. Whenever there is a crowd, stampede or scuffles may take place. Hence, you should put some people on crowd management duty to help the visitors. Some of them may have problems coming near the car to see it. In such a case, the person managing the crowd may help. The personal problem of visitors can be solved by such crowd management personnel.

In Conclusion 

Holding a car show on given premises always sounds interesting. But such events can be great crowd pullers, causing a large number of people to gather at a particular premise.

Here, you need to take some precautions to make you legally safe regarding the premises. You should also stay in touch with a lawyer while holding such an event to stay safe from legal trouble in any manner later.

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