What are the different types of torches and their purpose?

What are the different types of torches and their purpose?

Having a torch at home has become a necessity. Torches were invented On January 10, 1899, British inventor David Misell. It was a life-changing invention for mankind. With the advancement of technology, the torches are also advancing gradually. These days, markets are full of different types of torches for different purpose. You can buy them online and offline. Here in this blog, we are going to enlist some of the most common torches used in our regular life.

1. LED Torches

Modern LED torches are becoming popular these days. They have a robust build, less energy consumption and illuminate the place better than Incandescent bulb torches. These days, rechargeable LED torches are also available in the market at an affordable cost. They deliver a more balanced and soft beam. You can use them while camping, trekking, during a power outage, etc. -A lot of designs for LED lights are compact and can even be used as a keychain flashlight. LEDs not only are brighter than bulbs, but they also are more efficient which makes them operate much longer hours. The uses of LED torches are infinite, so it’s essential to have one at your home.

2. Head Torch

One of the most convenient torches available in the market is head torch. You simply wear a head torch on your head and it lights your way without keeping your hand occupied. You can simply make a video of your journey even in dark with the help of a head torch. If you love cycling at the night, just wear a head torch and ride safely. Head torches have LED lights and they are rechargeable. So, you get very bright light for a long period of time. The price of head torch is reasonable and it is very useful.

3. Bike light

LED bike lights keep you safe while riding a bicycle. These lights have rechargeable batteries that give a long lasting output. They are waterproof and have high efficient optical lens. Their light modes can be changed easily. If you want to buy a bike light, then we’d recommend you to buy an anti-glare wide beam light for a safer and convenient bicycle ride at nights.

4. Penlight

Do you want something that can be ideally used for nighttime writing and reading? Then there is a penlight for you. You can buy penlight online and get an amazing writing experience during the dark. It has longer runtime and is very affordable. It also serves as a perfect gift for family and friends. Penlights don’t just illuminate your pages, but also look classic and stylish.

5. Lantern

Lanterns are another convenient way to illuminate your surroundings. No, we are not talking about traditional lanterns that use kerosene or another type of fuel to provide a flame. We are talking about LED lanterns that are easily available in the online and offline markets. They are commonly used during camping because they make an area incredibly bright.

Where to buy these torches and lights?

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