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Vastu Shastra Tips for nameplates on the Home entrance

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Identical to a house number, the nameplate has greater significance than that. Nameplate design for home matters a lot. It creates a first impression. Let us see as per Vastu Shastra nameplates caters what difference.

A house is more than a living place. In Indian homes, we do Gruh Pravesh puja to eradicate negative energies from home. Vastu Shastra is an Indian ancient technique to instill good luck and positivity. But many people are unaware of the fact that Vastu Shastra has a significant impact on nameplates. As per Indian mythology, nameplates should be placed in the right type and right place for ensuring prosperity in lives.

This article invokes prosperity and positivity in the home through nameplate designs:

Nameplate color as per Vastu:

The color of the nameplate should be selected according to Vastu. The colors are determined by directions. For example, east-facing homes should choose brown and green.

Ensuring the color of the nameplate matches the front door of the house. A wooden front door calls for a white-colored nameplate to attract prosperity and opportunities for the family. You can pick a golden nameplate for elegance and lighting effect.

Vastu Tips for Nameplates for Homes:

Astrologers and experts say that homeowners should put nameplates as tikka:

The main door of the home is the entry point. A nameplate represents you. It should be clear and readable. It should be pleasing to the eyes so choosing the right material is vital. A metal nameplate suits well for northwest direction doors. For southwest, it is wooden nameplates. Pictures of Lord Ganesha are an auspicious sign of luck and prosperity. You can put shlokas, Om, and other fruitful mantras while decorating your home.

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Nameplates with bells and Kalash are also auspicious. Here are some tips for your home:

  • Always place a nameplate on the main door adjoining wall. It looks good and the space left attracts good luck and well-being.
  • Nameplates should be large so that you can write your name, surname, and house address.
  • The design should gel with the main door.
  • The nameplate should be well fitted. If the lobby area is dark, brighten it up with LED light with warm color. Avoid red color lights.
  • Go for good quality waterproof nameplates especially if you are placing them outside the home. The paint should also be of good quality and can withstand natural environments. The nameplate should not break soon.
  • It should be corrosion-free. Clean it regularly.

What to write on the nameplate?

The surname of the family is always mentioned on the nameplate. Nowadays, people mention the names of family members. Keep it stylish but remember Vastu details while picking one for your home. Do not confuse people with calligraphy, engravings, or idol deities. Pick clear fonts.

Nameplate for home:

  • Place the nameplate on the left-hand side of the door.
  • The nameplate should be placed at the person’s eye level.
  • Do not hang it. Make sure the nameplate is securely attached.
  • It should not be on the front side of the elevator.
  • It should be clean and intact. It should not be chipped from anywhere.

Nameplate Materials as per Vastu Shastra:

For apartments, people prefer budget-friendly nameplates like acrylic or fiber. For bigger houses or independent bungalows, signage should be made of stainless steel or glass. Handmade boards have a raw appeal while designer boards are modern plates.

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Teak or Sandalwood is also preferred for making nameplates. You can also go for plywood, commercial MDF, veneer, or pinewood. Wood, glass, terracotta, steel, brass, jute, stones, marbles, and wrought iron. You can customize them in different shapes like an oval, round, square, rectangle, or other shapes.

Personalized designs:

Modern-day homes require personalized nameplates. The modern home has the interest of family members, occupation and profession, etc. Later many clients came up with the idea of adding soon to be born baby name. Many people mention their pet names and photos too on the nameplate. Regional language nameplates are also popular these days.

We strongly believe that an attractive nameplate creates a good impression. It is the first thing one notices when entering your beautiful home. So, it should match the overall design of your home. Check out some nameplate ideas:

Personalized wooden nameplates:

Wooden nameplates create a personal touch. You can customize them with pictures, lord idols, your name initials, and regional language.

Traditional nameplate designs:

Religious nameplates are popular. Lord Ganesha & Lord shiva is the most auspicious lord in Hindu Dharma. You can get it carved on your nameplates.

Wooden Nameplates:

You can choose from dark brown or a subtle hue. The names should be engraved. Materials like glass, metals, marble, acrylic, or any other long-lasting material can be used.

DIY nameplates:

DIY nameplates are creative and for this, you need to spend less. Yes, the fact is it can be made of cardboard or any eco-friendly material. It can be designed with materials that you like. You can make it by yourself. Also, these can be used inside only. It is not made for the outdoors. If you wish it to be long-lasting pick materials like steel, marble, wooden, or stone.

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Glass Nameplates:

The glass looks sophisticated. Though it is elegant, it needs to be taken care of. It is a fragile material. Taking care of it is necessary.

Marble nameplates:

Pick marble for independent bungalows or houses.

Granite nameplates:

Granite is an excellent material. It is aesthetically pleasing and it can withstand any weather condition. It is easy to maintain and super affordable.

Stone nameplates:

Stone offers rustic appeal. It provides a unique look.

Stainless Steel nameplate:

If you are a no-fuzz person, go for stainless steel nameplate for the outdoors. It is perfect for the main gate and provides luxurious appeal.


Always pick clear and eye-soothing nameplates for your home. Go for colorful and matching nameplates. It looks great and feels luxurious. Nameplates’ size and look matter a lot. Do not go for any random nameplate. Think about how it will synchronize to your home. If your home has a traditional appeal go for traditional nameplates. Similarly, modern homes ask for stylish nameplates.

Pick wisely. For more information write to us.

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