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Top 10 Graphic Designing Institutes in Delhi

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Nowadays, every youngster is learning to seek knowledge regarding graphic design, especially the aspirers who have a keen knack for creativity and designing. Generally, a graphic designing course is said to provide you with the knowledge of digital creation and illustrations.

It may seem difficult at first but as you practice you can become a professional designer. All you have to do is to have a solid understanding of the principles of the same.

Browse well and lay your hands over the top 10 graphic designing institute in Delhi, which will help you gain the essence of the true concepts of graphic design.

People think the graphic is all about bright and earthy colors, unique typography, texture, and scaling which is not true. If you are genuinely interested in becoming a professional graphic designer, then it is recommended that you must join an institute and learn all about software like Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and many more.

Once you are equipped well with the knowledge of basic graphic design skills as well as knowledge of various essential software, you are likely to excel in this arena of designing. It will also be proven beneficial for you to create your career within the same line, as various advertising and marketing agencies are on the go to hire professional designers for utmost creativity. 

Graphic designing is that formula that intends to deliver a great work environment, a fun-loving era for you with additional steady paychecks if you intend to work dedicatedly in regard to the particular company’s norms and perspectives.

Become a professional graphic designer today and learn not just the designing part for creative creatives or unique videos, but also lay an edge over the information for designing effective UI/UX with the right graphic designing institute in Delhi of your choice. 

Explore the list of top 10 graphic designing institutes in Delhi:

1. Techstack Academy:

Established over a decade ago, Techstack Academy is regarded under the list of top 10 institues for graphic, providing quality education and comprehensive course solutions to students of all age groups. Whether you are a fresher or are a full-fledged professional, irrespective of anything you can enroll in this institute and learn everything you may have yearned to. 

They start teaching from the very beginning and will take up to the limits of the most advanced levels of graphic design training to transform you and your career. You can choose the course amongst the three courses provided which may differ in duration, fee structure, and modules to be taught. Also visit DMCT for more information about digital marketing training.

They are proficient in providing other courses such as graphic designing course in Delhi which can foster more of your skills if amalgamated with the concepts of graphic designing, altogether. Enroll yourself today!

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Highlights of Choosing Techstack Academy:

  • Techstack Academy offers the course content which is regularly updated and is created in adherence to the industry standards.
  • The modules and topics are easily understandable and are comprehensive enough to let an aspirer seek proper guidance.
  • Graphic designing institute in Delhi provide innate knowledge of every software for the benefit of your graphic design understanding.
  • The trainers present here hold years of experience within this particular field.
  • They provide theoretically as well as practical knowledge all along.
  • You will also be liable to work on real-time projects and gain knowledge of the case studies.
  • Regular seminars and webinars are also held in order to help you understand the concepts in a more practical and effective manner. 
  • Various internship programs are also held on a daily basis which shall not just foster your learning but shall also enhance your pace of understanding the concepts on a practical basis.
  • They also offer web designing course in Mumbai with online web development training in India.
  • They provide internship certifications as well, as the institute is in direct affiliation with a digital marketing agency namely Orangus India Pvt.Ltd. 
  • You will also receive a certification of completion directly from Techstack Academy. 
  • After the successful completion of the graphic designing course in Delhi, you may also gain placement opportunities.

Year of inception: 2012

Mode of Training: Online/offline/one-to-one mentorship

For more details, visit at: www.techstack.in

2. Total Graphics Classes (TGC)

If you are on the go to seek in-depth graphic design knowledge, then you must enroll yourself in TGC. This institute offers top-notch graphic designing training in Delhi in terms of graphic design and motion graphics for you to become a certified professional within the field. One of the best highlights of joining TGC states that the trainers are complete professionals and hold years of experience in this particular field. They hold regular webinars and seminars for every individual to gain thorough knowledge and understanding in terms of graphics, animation, and media.

Explore a comprehensive course curriculum with an affordable and flexible fee structure by joining TGC. Enroll yourself today and make sure to gain optimum knowledge regarding the best graphic knowledge.

  • Year of inception: 2007
  • Mode of training: Online/offline training
  • For more details, visit at: www.tgcindia.com

3. Dice Academy

Gain a thorough understanding of UI/UX, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe, wireframing, and more by joining Dice Academy, regarded among the top 10 graphic designing institutes in Delhi. Dice Academy offers a certification graphic design program only, which is aimed at helping you prepare needs of the modern design industry. 

The trainers provide hands-on live projects by covering minute detail of the course to help you gain in-depth knowledge about the same.

Join the academy now and learn the best of the graphic designing course in Delhi with Dice Academy. Enroll yourself today and learn the extremities of graphic design and multimedia, in a simple manner. 

  • Year of inception: 2012
  • Mode of training: Online/offline training
  • For more details, visit at: www.dice-academy.com

4. Computer Aided Business Animation (CABA)

Get immense knowledgable skills, certifications, and job placement opportunities by enrolling yourself at CABA. They are staunchly dedicated to providing you with a course that would reflect the best of your needs. They offer 360-degree knowledge to the graphic designing course in Delhi which covers the major topics such as multimedia, knowledge of proper software, information about variant fonts, styles, themes, colors, and more. 

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Professional trainers present at CABA will make sure to equip you with a professional approach and a career-oriented course syllabus. Register yourself today and book your slots for the upcoming graphic design classes and batches. 

  • Year of inception: 1993
  • Mode of training: Offline training
  • For more details, visit at: www.caba.in

5. Pixel Squad

Willing to become a graphic designer or a professional in the same within 4 months? Join Pixel squad, regarded under the list of top 10 graphic designing institutes in Delhi, providing complete knowledge about what graphics is all about. The professionals who teach here have 14+ years of experience who will begin from the basics of Photoshop to an utmost advanced level of InDesign, Animation, UI/UX, Premiere Pro, After effects, etc.

Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and explore a great infrastructure with a lively environment to study, only at Pixel Squad. Send in your entries today and enroll yourself now! 

  • Year of inception: 2013
  • Mode of training: Offline training
  • For more details, visit at: www.pixelsquad.in

6. Maya Academy of Advance Cinematics (MAAC)

Learn all theoretical as well as practical concepts of graphics lke photoshop by joining MAAC. Rewarded under the list of graphic designing training in Delhi, where you can learn animation and visual effects with guidance and prominence under great professionals. 

MAAC offers career development training programs, mock interviews, HR rounds, internship facilities, and many more such things to equip you with nothing less than the best. Their holistic approach to practical training and workshops will transform your career effectively. MAAc is known as the best graphic design academy for years, which is why it is safe and sound to enroll yourself here!

  • Year of inception: 2001
  • Mode of training: Online/offline training
  • For more details, visit at: www.delhianimation.com

7. HI Tech Animation

Empower your existing and upcoming design or creativity skills by joining one of the best graphic designing institutes in Delhi. Hi-Tech Animation, provides knowledgeable solutions and in-depth training experiences for their students to soar high. They hold nearly 18 branches with entire crosswise over India. They offer top-notch graphic design training with an in-house placement assistance facility. Become a graphic professional within just 10 months of the course and learn every move of VFX and film-making in a short period of time.

  • Year of inception: 2000
  • Mode of training: Online/offline training
  • For more details, visit at: hitechanimationdelhi.com

8. Arena Animation

As purely as the name suggests, this is another graphic design academy listed among the top graphic designing training in Delhi. Enroll yourself today and get ready to transform your career into 3D animation, multimedia, VFX, etc. Over the years, Arena Animation has transformed the career of plenty of young individuals and ought to do the same in upcoming years as well. They have branches spread all across the country in India and are always on the go to equip you with the best animation techniques and courses. Learn all about animation today, with Arena Animation only!

  • Year of inception: 1996
  • Mode of training: Online/offline training
  • For more details, visit at: arenaanimationarena.com
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9. Pepper Animation

Get knowledge of graphics with Pepper Animation’s short-term as well as long-term courses by joining the very institute. They offer easy, fun and frolic graphic designing training in Delhi which are taught by the young and professional teaching industry. The curriculum is designed by industry experts who hold years of experience within this particular field. Animation courses are considered to be more in demand these days.

Once you get on board with Pepper Animation, you will be exploring how flexible the batch timings are, the way they make use of the latest technology as well as the easy facility of demo class before your joining to help you gain an overview of the industry and the way the academy teaches. Join this academy for graphic designing course in Delhi now and foster your skills to an uppermost level today!

  • Year of inception: N/A
  • Mode of training: Online/offline training
  • For more details, visit at: www.pepperanimation.com

10. The Computer Minds

Job hunting is the most daunting task for any individual. To help solve your struggle with the same, you must learn all in all about graphic design thoroughly by joining The Computer Minds. Listed under the top graphic designing training in Delhi, they teach core IT skills in association with the knowledge of soft graphic design skills starting from the very earliest at Photoshop, followed by illustrator, core concepts of multimedia, Premiere Pro, and many more. 

One of the greatest highlights of joining is, that they have been associated with top MNC which will help you get placed at a relevant company for you to work at, with steady paycheques. 

Enroll now and get in touch with expert professionals who are 24/7 available to assist you and solve your queries about graphic designing training n Delhi, if required. 

  • Year of inception: 2010
  • Mode of training: Online/offline training 
  • For more details, visit at: www.thecomputerminds.com


As mentioned above, by now we are full-fledged to the basic concept and knowledge of what graphic designing is and how different institutes offer guidance and knowledge regarding the same. Most companies depend on successful marketing efforts and the creation of visual identity graphics which is only done by the creation of creative designs.

There is an end number of software that can be used for the ultimate region of unique and attractive creatives. If you wish to become a professional or an asset for marketing strategies then joining a best institute for graphics shall be your right choice. 

Browse well through the concepts of graphic design and technology and choose amongst the top 10 graphic designing institutes in Delhi. Techstack Academy is known for its utmost quality. The name is enough if you are willing, to begin, your design career.

Enroll yourself today and the trainers present there will ensure to teach you concepts in the most simple yet effective manner. The faculty is highly supportive and practical concepts are given so that usual students can specialize in a particular field and an advent to multimedia.

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