The Secret Science of Preserving Vinyl Banners – How Long Can these Banners Last?

The Secret Science of Preserving Vinyl Banners – How Long Can these Banners Last?

Banners made of durable vinyl are one of the most inexpensive marketing tools. Small businesses can use these banners to promote their companies among local audiences in a very cost-effective manner. A high-quality vinyl banner can last up to 12 years. But, not all banners last that long. Various factors impact a vinyl banner’s lifespan –

  • The Material: The best banner sellers use high-quality vinyl (PVC) to produce their banners. Sub-standard sellers may use weaker versions of banners. For instance, many low-quality banner sellers use metalized polyester to create banners. These materials don’t last as long. Shoppers must find banner sellers who only use cast PVC (the most durable version of vinyl) to manufacture their banners. Also, avoid paper banners as they’re only fit for one-time use.
  • The Placement of the Banner: The everyday weather conditions your banners experience will also impact their lifespan. That’s why banners used for indoor promotions outlast outdoor banners. High-quality vinyl banners can withstand years of sunlight damage, wind damage, moisture damage, and even pollution. But if you place these banners outside for long periods, their quality will wither with time. To avoid the premature deterioration of your banners, store them safely each time you use them outdoors. Use them for 12-14 hours. Then, store them in dry, dark places for the next 12 hours.
  • Size of the Banner: The bigger your banner, the more wind, moisture, and sunlight damage it will experience. You can make semi-circular cuts on the edges of your large banners to allow wind to pass through them. Make sure your facilities have adequate storage space to store your big banners.

Many small businesses are currently overpaying to acquire new customers. A huge reason behind this overspending is expensive marketing campaigns. Small business owners must make efforts to cut down their marketing expenses. That means preserving your custom banners and reusing them for as long as possible.

Here’s how experts keep vinyl banners in top condition for years –

  • Selecting the Right Sellers: Buying banners from sellers who use higher-quality vinyl (cast vinyl) for manufacturing makes all the difference. The more superior your vinyl’s quality, the better it will stand the tests of time. Never buy sub-standard banners to save money. Banners made of higher-quality vinyl are more durable; hence they’re more cost-efficient in the long run.
  • Cleaning: Your banners will collect dirt, dust, and dents over time. Never let these damages spiral out of control. Clean your banners once every seven to fourteen days. Manually clean your banners using light non-abrasive detergents and cold water. Gently wipe your banners with this cleaning mixture. Dry them properly before re-installing them outside your store.
  • Storing: Make sure your banners don’t pick up creases or folds while in storage. While transporting your banners, roll them. Don’t fold them in storage. Keep them away from sunlight for long periods to avoid the risk of discoloring.

Banners made of vinyl are very durable. But they’re far from indestructible. Use this guide to take regular care of your banners and make them last longer!

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