How to Easily Obtain Scholarship in Norway

How to Easily Obtain Scholarship in Norway

Getting a scholarship in Norway doesn’t come easy, except the student knows the right route to follow to get it. Some of these Norwegian institutions are expensive, this is one of the reasons students are looking for different scholarships in Norway they can try their hands on. For the lucky ones who have obtained these scholarships are reaping the benefits. Students need to note that there are different scholarships in Norway.

The scholarship in Norway cut across different educational levels such as undergraduate, masters, and doctorate degrees. One needs to have the right educational qualification for them to be deemed fit for this scholarship in Norway. This article is going to touch some key areas regarding different areas of this topic. We are going to see the application process on how to easily obtain scholarships in Norway.

Steps on How to Easily Obtain Scholarship in Norway

The following are the important steps for this scholarship:

a). Academic requirements.

b). Choosing the right course.

c). Checking for the criteria of the course.

d). Considering comfortable accommodation.

e). Gathering the relevant documents.

f). Online application for the scholarship.

g). Waiting for the application result.

Any student should follow this process if they want to easily obtain a scholarship in Norway. Some students are anxious to get a scholarship in Norway without getting all the full details to see them throughout the process. The student who is applying for the scholarship in Norway should have it in mind that a student visa is needed to study in Norway. 

The type of visa the student should apply for should be the right one that will enable the student to study in Norway. Some students don’t need to get a student visa to study in this same country such as Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark. All these countries are Scandinavian countries in which Norway is among them. 

Basic Requirements for Student Visa in Norway

The following are the right documents to obtain a student visa in Norway:

a). Complete Application form

b). Application fee receipt

c). Passport

d). Two recent passport photographs

e). Admission letter from the institution

f). Proof of sufficient funds throughout the course period

g). Proof of accommodation in Norway

h). Proof you will be traveling back to your country after your study  

Processing Time for Student Visa for Scholarship in Norway

There are different processing times for any student who wants a student residence permit. It might take two months or more for any student who is applying for it. If the application is being given to you, therefore, there is a need to get a Norwegian residence card. 

Language Requirements to Study in Norway

It is required for students to know how to communicate in the English language, because most of the lectures will be taught in the Language. For a student to get more acquainted with people within a short time they should have some level of proficiency in Norwegian. This is the only way they will be able to have an edge over other international students.                         


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