Perfect Ways to Experiment with Your Favourite Chaska Chai!

Perfect Ways to Experiment with Your Favourite Chaska Chai!

Whenever you think there is a perfect way to brew a hot cup of black tea leaves, you miss out on a golden opportunity to experiment in your way. There is no definitive way to make a definite tea bag packaging,  and all the methods are vastly accepted unless it’s better or over-brewed. There are many condiments and spices to experiment with, and it’s no harm trying it on with your tea, but it wouldn’t be wrong to go on with the traditional way of sipping chai if your taste buds are not used to changing the flavor of their favorite beverage.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water, in the world, in any of its variants! In 2020, global consumption of tea amounted to about 6.3 billion. So here we are, navigating through some of the finest ways to make a perfect cup of tea to compensate for a long and tiring day. You can buy black or green tea leaves online from one of the best organic herbal tea.

Make your black tea, like the typical perfect cup of chai:

The most loved yet easy and common ingredient to add to your perfect cup of tea is milk and sugar; make sure your milk is skimmed, with no or negligible cream; otherwise, the cream will overpower the tea, which will make it hard to swallow. 

Add dried fruits to enhance the flavor of the tea:

If you like your tea plain, without fats, one of the great options is to add dried fruits. Dry bits of mango, pineapple, or strawberry work great but remember that hot fruits vary from cold ones, so brew your cup accordingly. 

Spice it up with condiments or spices:

The tea tastes great with milk or without milk when you add your favorite spices into it while it’s hot on the stove. For example, you can choose to add ginger, cardamom, black pepper, clove, or even cinnamon. Just make sure you add a tiny amount of these; otherwise, these will overpower the taste of the tea itself. 

Even the flavor of our favorite masala chai on a rainy morning is making our mouths water. So what are you waiting for? Prepare your best cup, now!

Scent and Flavour your tea with flower petals:

Rose tea is another most common and appreciated tea blend that goes well with malty black tea. Even the dried petals of jasmine buds are another great variant of black tea you will love.

Overall, it must be said that the way your beverage tastes largely depends on how you brew your tea leaves. With strong agents like spices, it’s preferred to go for milk tea to balance the flavor, and if you opt for fruit, try to avoid milk and have it naturally to enjoy its sweet flavor.

Say cheers to the chai!

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