Online English Speaking Courses: Effective Teaching Tips 

Online English Speaking Courses: Effective Teaching Tips 

Among the various languages, English is widely used all across the world. It is the most used language in the educational and professional sectors. To communicate well, learn effectively, crack the job interviews, and ensure success in all fields, English speaking skills are the need of the hour.

 However, with effective English speakers, some students are not fluent in English speaking. To solve this problem with students, several English-speaking courses are launched. Also, with the growing technology, online courses are available for students. Let us discuss some tips that educators can follow to effectively conduct online English speaking courses for students. To improve English speaking amongst students, several English courses have been launched.

Benefits of choosing online courses 

When we take conventional coaching, students face time constraints and find it difficult to reach educational institutions. However, in the online courses, there are no such problems. It gives students the benefit to learn anywhere and at any time. Students as per time and preference can take online classes. This convenience offered helps students to have a self-paced learning experience too. Because of this, educators look for the best platform to sell online courses to students and ensure their proper academic growth and development. 

  • Cost-effective 

Online courses are quite budget-friendly. There is no transportation cost included as students can learn from their respective convenient places. The study material is also in the form of audio-visual tools, Ebooks, etc.  Also, many online courses have affordable fee charges and allow students to pay in easy installations too. 

  • More resourceful 

In conventional methods, learning is limited to textbooks only. And sometimes understanding the textbooks become difficult for students. However, in the case of online courses, learning is not limited to textbooks. Here students can get many technical resources such as educational videos, modules, demonstrations, and more to learn. With many resources available, students learn better. Their academic understanding is enhanced to a great extent. Also, this helps in enhancing students’ technical skills. 

Effective tips to teach and enhance the English speaking skills of students in  online courses 

  1. Use audio-visual tools to teach 

After researching the best platform to create online courses, teachers should give their best in providing students with a quality understanding. To grow the English speaking skills of students, using technology helps. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students will understand the English grammar patterns, and sentence formation, and learn new vocabulary better and quicker. Other than this learning becomes interesting and engaging too. 

  1. Have live sessions and interact with all students

The more students will speak, the better will be their English communication skills. To boost students’ English skills, having one-on-one interactions is very important. To do so, teachers must include online live classes in their courses. This will help educators and learners to connect and have quality interactions.

 With active speakers, there will also be some students who stay quiet and reserved. In such cases, teachers must try to make students open up in the class and start speaking more in English. One by one, call out students by their names, ask them to unmute, and keep asking simple questions to them.

  1. Have participatory activities 

To boost students’ English speaking skills, making them participate in the class is important. Only listening to the teachers speaking in English, and students simply sitting won’t work. Therefore, teachers must conduct interesting participatory for students in the online classes. Some examples of such activities are group discussions, recitations, question-answer rounds, giving presentations, dialogue delivery, and more. Make students feel safe, and secure and encourage them to try and speak up as much as possible. 

  1. Ask students to be confident 

Many students don’t get to grow in English because of their fear. Students feel that they might be judged, scolded, or joked off if they speak something incorrectly. They have a lower confidence level. Because they can’t achieve accuracy they prefer staying quiet. All teachers must provide students with a motivational boost and encourage all to be confident. Tell students that with practice, everyday speaking, and confidence, their English speaking skills will be enhanced. 


With advancements in science and technology, online teaching platforms are growing rapidly. And therefore many students go for online English-speaking courses too. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can teach effectively in English online courses. Ask students to be confident and use this language in everyday conversation as much as possible. With effective English speaking skills, the academic and professional success of students is guaranteed.