How To Wear Pima Cotton Tee Shirts In Winters

How To Wear Pima Cotton Tee Shirts In Winters

If you are obsessed with t-shirts, you need to read this. Cotton tees are the best clothing our closets can own. Nothing else can match their comfort level, material, easy-to-go style, and versatility. Cotton t-shirts can be incredibly multi-functional, no matter where you carry them. The Pima cotton tee shirts are among the most preferred t-shirts that you can wear throughout the year. If you feel about cotton tees just like we do, you need to know the secret to wear them in winter. So do not pack all your cotton tees this winter because you are going to use them.  

Choose long sleeves

If you want to keep wearing cotton tees even in the winters, go with long sleeves. Covered arms can keep you warmer and ready to go out in mildly cold temperatures. If the temperature is too low, you can choose to go with layers for extra warmth. Some stores also offer warmer fabric in cotton tees that are ideal for winter days. Curved hem t-shirts can be a wise choice to add a bit of style to your winter outfit. Since the sleeves aren’t visible under layers, the only thing that can add style is the hem and the neck. 

Top it with a Leather Jacket 

Leather jackets are the staple of the winter season. They are classy, give enough warmth, and allow you to wear your favorite cotton t-shirt even on cold days. Whether it is a date night, an outing with your friends or a casual outing to the shopping store, leather jackets with a Pima cotton tee will make you pull off the look. Pair a plain tee with a black leather jacket and your favorite denim. Complete the look with a pair of sneakers, and you’ll be ready to head out. 

Layer it over a warmer

We know how much you might be in love with your t-shirt. If you want to show it off, we recommend wearing a warmer beneath your t-shirt to keep you warm. It will allow you to go out in your t-shirt without having to cover it with a layer of the jacket. In case the temperature drops suddenly, you can carry a jacket to wear when needed. The curved hem t-shirts with long sleeves can work well for winter days. Cover your bottom with a warm pair of jeans and ankle-length shoes so that you feel warm throughout. 

Toss it in a trench coat

When nothing works, trench coats have got your back! Trench coats are warm enough to save you from chilly days and add the right style to a t-shirt. Pick the Pima cotton tee shirt of your favorite color and pair it with a brown or nude trench coat to pull off the look. Carry the look to a movie or even your office. 

These are the top ways to wear your favorite t-shirts, even in winter. You can live in t-shirts throughout the year. Pick the right style, and your t-shirts can stay your wardrobe staple for every season. 

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