How much battery capacity do you need for your phone

How much battery capacity do you need for your phone

Smartphone buyers look for several features and specifications when acquiring a handset. Apart from RAM, processor, storage capacity, battery backup is another crucial factor to consider before acquiring a smartphone. 

With high powered processors, phones today require more power to sustain operations for a significant period of time. 

The lowest battery specs for handsets these days are around 3000mAh. However, the exact requirement and suitability depend on several factors, including how frequently one uses these devices.

Only a few of the best mobiles under 25000 features a high battery capacity. A recent market analysis also shows that manufacturers are compromising a phone’s battery capacity to balance the manufacturing to market price ratio. 

Keep reading to find out the reasons that impact a phone’s battery capacity.

Reasons that affect a phone’s battery capacity 

The battery capacity of any phone is affected by several reasons. That is why, keeping the varied features, specs and properties of a phone in mind, manufacturers engineer batteries of 3000mAh, 5,000mAh and 6,000mAh. 

Here are some of the factors that affect the battery capacity of a phone 

  • Display resolution 

A display of a phone impacts battery capacity in four ways. This includes the size of the display. If the surface area of the display is wider, it will consume more battery to light up. This causes phones with a widescreen display to have a large battery capacity. The resolution of a phone also affects the battery capacity. 

For example, a display with a 1440p resolution has a pixel difference of 77% compared to a phone with a 1080p resolution display. To render these extra pixels, the phone requires an additional processing boost. Often manufacturers include the 1080p with the 1440p to reduce processing power consumption. 

  • Processor

The slow processing power of a phone can impact the battery life of the phone as well. A slow processor takes extra time to read application code. This leads to an increase in loading time, which ultimately puts a strain on the phone battery. Also, a slow processor affects the multitasking capacity of a phone. Running more than two to three tabs on these smartphone models cause the battery charge to plummet. Therefore, this causes individuals to purchase 6000mAh battery phones for enhanced user experience.

Best mobile under 25000 with a high battery capacity

  • Oppo A52

Price: Around Rs.14,000

This OPPO model is one of the best mobiles under 25000 that sports a battery capacity of 5000mAh. Paired with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor and 8GB RAM, these phones long periods of usage without plugging in for a recharge. 

  • vivo Y51 IN 

Price: Around Rs.18,000

The Vivo Y51 IN comes with a 48MP+2MP+8MP rear camera and a 16MP front camera. Its LED display, 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 665 processor, and 5,000mAh battery capacity ensure considerable battery life and operability in standby mode. 

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Therefore, the battery capacity, when purchasing the best phones under 25000 is dependent mostly on the features and functionality of a smartphone. So, if you are planning to buy a smartphone, keep the battery capacity in mind.

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