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How Do You Make Signage Visible?

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When you invest in creating the perfect signage for your business, you want to make sure people see it. A personalized sign makes any business stand out. The same can be said for traffic warning signs.

Drivers must be able to easily view warning signs so they know when to stop, yield, or merge.

There are a few ways you can make your signage more visible.

Use High-Contrasting Colors

Some businesses take advantage of the visual appeal of neon signs. This type of color design was popular in the 1950s. Luckily, traffic regulators recognize the importance of color as well.

High-contrasting colors like black on yellow or white on blue are easier for people to see from a distance. When it comes to traffic signs, these colors are especially important because they contrast well against green (grass) and brown (dirt).

Notable combinations include:

  • Black on Yellow
  • Black on Orange
  • White on Blue
  • White on Green

Make It Reflective

Reflective traffic signs are easier to see at night or in bad weather conditions. When light hits a reflective sign, it reflects back, making the signage more visible to drivers.

Even in daylight, reflective signs are easier to see than non-reflective signs. That’s because the human eye is naturally drawn to light.

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Reflective vinyl is a good option for achieving this affect.

Use Bigger Fonts

Fonts have always played a major role in sign design. In the past, businesses have used a variety of fonts in their signs, from cursive to block letters.

However, when it comes to making warning signs visible, bigger fonts are better. That’s because people have a hard time seeing small letters from a distance.

If you want your signs to be visible, use large fonts.

Type of Font

There are some truly beautiful and creative fonts on the market for signage. However, when it comes to making signage visible, simple fonts are best. That’s because people have a hard time reading fancy fonts from a distance.

Stick with simple fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. And if you want to make a statement, use all capital letters.

Use Symbols

People are more likely to remember symbols than they are words. That’s why many businesses often use symbols in their signage.

Make your sign pop with easily recognizable symbols that you can adopt for your business. For example, the icon for Pedestrian Zone is a walking person.

This type of signage is common in Europe, where cars are not allowed in certain areas. The symbol is also used in North America, but the words “Pedestrian Zone” are often used as well.

Drivers can quickly recognize where they should not park when they enter a special parking area. Handicap Parking signs feature the internationally recognized wheelchair symbol.

The international symbol for “no” is a circle with a line through it. Combining this line with any other image means you can’t do something. You’ll find this symbol on Stop signs and No Smoking signs.

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Add an Arrow

Arrows are often used in traffic signs to help drivers know which way to go.

For example, a sign that says “One Way” with an arrow pointing to the right tells drivers that they can only turn right.

Arrows are also used in exit signs. These signs feature an arrow that points in the direction of the exit.

Arrows are a simple way to make your signage more visible and easier to understand.

Use Words Sparingly

When it comes to signage, less is often more. That’s because people have a hard time reading long paragraphs of text from a distance. Remember individuals are trying to read the sign and drive at the same time. So, keep it simple and short.

If you must use words, stick to simple statements. For example, “No Parking” or “One Way” are perfect phrases to make your point.

Use Different Materials

Different materials are ideal for making signs more visible. If you want your sign to light up at night, you can use fluorescent vinyl. This type of vinyl glows in the dark, making it perfect for signs that need to be seen at night.

To improve visibility during the day, you can use reflective vinyl. This type of vinyl reflects light, making it easier to see during the day.

If you want your sign to be visible in all types of weather, you can use reflective aluminum. Reflective aluminum is often used for street signs and traffic signs.

Aluminum is a durable material that can withstand all types of weather, from rain to snow.

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Use Lights

You can use lights to improve nighttime visibility. There are a variety of lights that can be used for signage, from LED lights to fluorescent lights.

Lights are great but you need to be careful not to overdo it. Too many lights can be distracting and even dangerous for drivers.

Choose the Right Shape

The shape of your sign can also affect its visibility. For example, triangular signs are easier to see than rectangular signs. That’s because our eyes are drawn to shapes that are different from the norm.

So, if you want your sign to be more visible, consider using a triangular

There Are Several Ways to Make Your Signage Stand Out

There are a variety of ways to make signage more visible. From using large fonts to adding lights, there are several options to choose from.

The best way to make your signage stand out is to use a combination of methods. Using a few of these techniques together can create visible and effective signs.

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