How Are The Energy And Fuel Companies Getting Away With It?

How Are The Energy And Fuel Companies Getting Away With It?

The year is 2022 but the world has not seemed to evolve as corporate greed and capitalism have a stronghold on society. Living costs have dramatically jumped up and it is becoming increasingly hard to continue living the way you did with every aspect of life increasing in price.

However, one aspect that has shocked people is the increase in energy prices and the increase in oil prices meaning filling up your car is more expensive. People are looking to trade forex brokers to make more money on the side so they do not have to suffer. 

Rather than the big companies reducing the prices to help the average person, they have posted profits in the billions to make the average Joe feel insignificant in this world as huge corporate companies enjoy their lifestyle while the rest suffer.

The big question on many people’s lips is how are they getting away with this and why is nothing being done to stop them?

Who has posted profits?

The latest company to post mega-profits is the major oil tycoon BP. Not only have profits gone up slightly the company has tripled its profits to an astonishing $8.4 billion whilst people are struggling to fill up their cars with a regular tank full. 

BP is not the only company to post these mega-profits but also Shell. Another leading oil and energy supplier, Shell has posted profits doubling what they earned last year and posted profits of $11.5 billion. It is just wrong!

Centrica is also another company who have posted profits. Centrica is the company that owns British Gas, which is one of the biggest providers in the UK, and proving once again that why do not care about the average person in the UK.

What is being done about it?

Many people are struggling to know where the money is going to come from and are even looking at loans to just warm their house or fill up their car. 

Governments have subsided some of the living costs but it is not enough and will not be fighting, particularly the UK government, to stop their partnership with the big oil tycoons. 

Why are prices up on energy and oil?

It all seems a facade now with companies posting profits of mega value but with the war in Russia- Ukraine and the UK still feeling the effects of Brexit. However, how can people believe that line anymore when the companies are showing everyone how much they are making?

Will there be any repercussions?

Technically the companies have done nothing wrong and will continue to exhibit the behaviour they have done already. Why would they want to change if they have such a stronghold on oil and energy? Governments should step in but as stated they won’t. 

People’s power is at an all-time low and with struggles everywhere, people will continue to pay their bills and fuel prices to survive.