Google Display Ads: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Google Display Ads: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Google display ads are quite possibly the most underrated marketing platform out of all popular options used by businesses in this digital age. Few marketing platforms are as capable and robust as Google display ads, as they help you walk your customers through their decision-making and product buying journey. 

The said platform is your best bet in converting leads to conversions, and if your company is a newbie to this platform it is recommended that you outsource this task and run google display ads with First Page which is a reputed digital marketing and SEO agency.

What are Google display ads?

Google display ads, unlike conventional Google search ads, are displayed on a whopping two million or more websites and applications all over the World Wide Web. These ads are an integral component of the Google Display Network, and essentially track and target users through their previous search and online activity.

To explain this in simpler terms, recall when you visited an online shopping website, added a few products to your cart, but remembered that you were short on budget and abandoned your cart only to never think about it again. However, the very next day while surfing through the internet, you witness how multiple ads for the same shopping website and the abandoned products keep cropping up on every website you visit. This is essentially what Google display ads do.

Why incorporating Google display ads is important for your business?

Incorporating Google display ads in your digital marketing strategy is important for your business for the following reasons:

1. Increase your sales and customer base

Any and every marketing campaign is targeted toward increasing your sales for a given product or service. Google display ads are proven to increase revenues and companies that use the platform report that their ads have an increased probability of 50% towards sales. Since Google display ads focus on retargeting their ads towards consumers who have visited your website at least once, this acts as a “follow up” and is innately more successful than ads that target potential customers for the first time.

2. Generate quality leads

For every business’ sales and growth, marketing managers require quality leads to stuff into their sales process. When companies use Google display ads they automatically integrate their website with the Google Analytics suite that allows them to gain access to in-depth customer data. This combination allows managers to identify the types of leads they require for their marketing campaign and track which type of ads are the most successful. This further allows them to make crucial marketing strategies and decisions in the future.

3. Improve traffic to your website

Another major benefit of using Google display ads is the amount of traffic they bring to your web pages. The click-through rate for Google display ads on an average is approximately 0.5% which may seem insignificant but amounts to hundreds and thousands of potential customers when you pull up the statistics.


If you are leveraging other digital marketing tools but missing out on Google display ads, your ad placement journey isn’t as complete as it ought to be. Adopting Google display ads will truly transform your digital marketing strategy and significantly increase your return on investment.