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7 Ways To Naturally Combat the Effects Of Seasonal Flu

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No matter what you do you cannot avoid these attacks of seasonal flu. Seasonal flus can have you constantly on the edge. Yes it is difficult to avoid these flu altogether. 

According to the best general physician in Lahore, influenza virus is one of the most easily spread viruses. It can spread through air or through contact with an infected person. It can cause serious disruption in your everyday life. Even if it is difficult to avoid this virus altogether, we cannot always depend upon medication. Try switching from your medicine cabinet to your kitchen shelf and feel the difference!

Symptoms of Flu

We are all familiar with the symptoms of flu to a certain context. let us compile the most common symptoms below

  • Fever
  • Bodyache
  • Back pain
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough

These symptoms and their severity depends upon the infection whether it is mild or not. 

Flu Remedies That Actually Work Wonders 

Yes, we understand that it is not possible to avoid this virus. But we can speed up the recovery process. Make sure to keep in mind these remedies which are sure to work for flu attacks.

Who is not aware of the importance of hydration for your body? Water is an essential necessity of life. But it becomes highly inevitable if you have to combat the effects of infectious agents. These infections tend to cause inflammation in the mucosal lining of your nostrils. Drinking water will help to reduce inflammation. Water will also keep the affected areas such as your throat, nose and mouth hydrated. Moreover if you want to get rid of the phlegm buildup it is important for you to regulate your water intake. 

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You do not have to just drink plain water. Make sure to drink 

  • Coconut water
  • Fresh juice
  • Honey water
  • Soups 
  • Broths and Warms Soups

Flu is the congestion of your nose, mouth and other oral regions. So in these cases, make sure to drink warm and cozy broths. 

Bone broth is a magical remedy in case of such seasonal flu attacks. These broths contain the much-needed amounts of protein and minerals such as sodium and potassium. Drinking these types of nutrient rich broths is highly recommended in these cases. 

Either order in or make your own little, warm bowl of soup in your house and feel the soothing effect on your throat. 

  • Zinc is the Unsung Hero

A mineral that often falls under the radar is Zinc. you might have heard about the other minerals such as potassium, calcium and sodium. But zinc is rarely the talk of the town. Zinc is an important mineral because it keeps your immune system maintained. 

It is also important for fighting off cold and flu symptoms. Make sure to add those foods which are rich in zinc a part of your diet. 

Some of the zinc-rich foods are given below

  • Lentils
  • Shellfish
  • Chickpeas
  • Nuts
  • Seedsw
  • Dairy eggs
  • Red meat
  • Salt and Water

A remedy that has stood the test of time is this one. A warm or lukewarm glass of water and a little sprinkled salt is sure to soothe the pain and irritation in your throat. Moreover it is also effective for thinning the mucus buildup.

Do not add salt to rome temperature water. First make sure to either boil or warm the glass of water. Add just a pinch of salt to this water. Rinse your mouth with it or gargle your throat with it. This age-old remedy will give you instant relief. But do make sure to spit out the water. Do not swallow it. Also be careful in case of children.

  • Team Herbal
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It is not a hidden fact that herbs have antiviral and antibacterial properties. The easiest way to consume these herbs and get benefitted by them is to drink herbal teas. 

Herbal tea will play its due role in fighting off the flu. You might have heard these types of teas often being recommended to you by any relative. This is not just a result of their care. These teas do have a wondrous impact on your body. 

Apart from combating the effects of sinus congestion they will also have a soothing impact on your throat. Some of the most common herbs are

  • Cloves
  • Green or black tea
  • Turmeric
  • Fresh garlic

The Bottom Line

No one can get rid of these flu. But we can and we should try to combat it. People tend to avoid the use of medication in such seasonal flu cases. So it is much easier to try shifting to these home remedies. They will work wonders for your throat. Use them and feel the difference!

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