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Gaming to Make Money: Is It a Realistic Plan?

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It is always pleasant to get extra dollars and euros (or ETH and BTC) while having fun. More gamers switch to the SlotHunter casino because such platforms allow doubling and tripling their treasuries. Yet, can gaming become your solid activity for money-making?

Yes, Because…

1. Fair Games Ensure that Others do Not control your Money-Making Process

Top casinos often use RNG or blockchain technologies to ensure the transparency and fairness of their games. This way, the result of each game you play is pre-determined only by your actions and luck. The gaming platform cannot change or make you lose more than usual.

2. You Can Withdraw Your Winnings Instantly

When you cash out, the casino has to send your money to the payment system you used for a deposit. The transaction can take several minutes or several days, and we must highlight that crypto casino send your money faster. Note that if you use cryptocurrencies, the casino will send your ETH or BTC coins right after you request a withdrawal. 

3. You Can Earn Anywhere and Anytime

You can gamble and make money if you have your smartphone or tablet. Yet again, licensed crypto casinos usually have better optimization, letting gamblers get more money in comfort and convenience. You only need a stable and at least averagely fast Internet connection to enter an online casino. No need to go outside, stand in line, or dress up. You can even play on public transport!

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4. Promotions Allow Boosting Your Income

Experienced gamblers know that various bonuses and promotions are great helpers when it comes to money-making. In particular, they help you:

  • Get more money;
  • Withdraw your money without any difficulties;
  • Sustain deposit match bonuses to convert wagered winnings into usable cash;
  • Win cool gadgets and other material prizes.

The Best Games to Make Money

Of course, some games will let you earn more money than others. So, if you want to use gaming as your primary activity for money-making, we recommend learning more about the following casino options:

Online Slots

Slots are the golden classic games in brick-and-mortar and online casinos. The best and most practical thing about slots is that you do not need to learn any rules to start playing. Moreover, you can use a minimal bet (sometimes even lower than $0.1) and still have a chance to hit the jackpot that can reach several million dollars!


This card game is not solely about luck. You will need to learn how to build winning combinations and understand when it is time to bluff your opponents. If you want to make money while enjoying poker games, we recommend choosing the tournaments with a minimal buy-in fee. For example, in the WSOP (World Series of Poker), you can find events that cost only $565 to enter.


This game is considered one of the easiest ones to understand and play. The basic rules are simple: get as close to 21 points as possible but do not exceed this number. However, some blackjack variations can have different objectives and additional rules.

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This game is 110% about luck, and you do not need to learn any complicated rules or strategies to start playing. You can choose a European or American wheel – the former has a single zero, while the latter has two zeros. The second option decreases your odds of winning because the house edge increases.

But There Can Be Problems, of Course

Even though good high-roller casinos have all documents and control over them, no one cancels risks. An irresponsible gambler may lose everything and fall into the trap of loans. Here are the main risks:

  • Addiction, first and foremost
  • Irrational decisions (especially when a gambler drinks during sessions)
  • Unfair systems (please ensure you play in a licensed casino that uses RNG)
  • Low-RTP game choices (please research this component additionally)
  • Continuous losses in Person-VS-Person games if the opponent is stronger
  • Irrational bonus usage
  • And other risks.

Final Words

Yes, it is realistic to make money by playing casino games. But you should be very attentive and use only licensed casinos with positive client feedback. If you want to increase your chance of winning, we advise you to pick slots with a high RTP rate or learn how to play poker and blackjack professionally. May goddess Fortuna protect you!


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