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TOP 25 Viral Google Memory Games – Play for FREE & set records

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Remember the Cricket game or Dinasour Game on the Google Memory Games or the Google Doodle games? All such games are rolled out to commemorate special events such as ICC tournaments, NFL, FIFA, sports events, birth anniversaries, or other occasions. Google developers make creative tweaks to the logo of the famous search engine or change the result page for a short duration. Take the example of the FIFA Final between Argentina and France. You must have seen in the results that after France won, digital sky shots and confetti were seen in the search results. 

On similar occasions, Google sometimes rolls out Memory Games and quizzes and the recent one was on the “World Earth Day” and “World Science Day”. Keeping all these activities aside, you don’t have to be a professional gamer to play these games. 

A little knowledge about the direction is sufficient to play Google Memory Games. Though the word Memory is being used in order to enjoy these games, you don’t require high retention memory. You only require pictorial memory and in fact, these games are exercises for your brain that will consecutively increase your memory.

  • But here are some issues you might have faced while choosing a game that is suitable for you. You either don’t find the game of your interest or have to download large files that consume your device storage. So here is a better alternative for you. 
  • You might have seen short videos about some viral games such as Slope, Tic-Tac-Toe, Snake, Skibidi Toilet, or Pac-Man. This blog will unlock the portal for all such games. We will first have a brief discussion about the Google Memory Games platform and then cover the cool games that you can play for fun and learning. All the games on the platform are absolutely free and just require a device with an internet connection. You can instantly start playing without even downloading the game to your device. 

Google Memory Games-an introduction

Google Memory Games is a collection of fun games that you usually play and is mostly based on Google Doodles. Google Doodles are creative changes that are done by website developers to commemorate that particular day. The collection of games is huge and includes over 100+ enjoyable games. These games are similar to the older generation of video games that have been lost in time. Google Memory Games include Pacman, Tic-Tac-Toe, Snake, Solitare, Animal Sound, and Fun Facts. The recent addition to Google Memory Games is of “Santa Tracker” Game. The Santa Tracker has further a bunch of games on its own platform.

What are the benefits of Google Memory Games?

  1. No download needed – The first advantage is that it will save your time and storage space on your device which you can allocate for other activities and files. in order to enjoy these great games, you are not expected to download bulky files nor do the games take time for loading.
  2. Relieves from Stress – It is the best stress buster and improves memory. Playing games do help an individual in retention power and the games are designed in such a way that they develop the cognitive part of your brain in a fun learning manner. In schoolgoers, it is beneficial as this relaxes their minds and increases focus whereas for working individuals it increases their productivity.
  3. Free Games – Costs nothing to play. These games are absolutely free to play though you may see a couple of advertisements prior to the game beginning.
  4. No external software needed – It also does not require any external software, apps, or extensions to play. You only require a device be it an Android or iOS phone, PC or tablet, and a modest internet connectivity.

Here are the steps to Unlock the portal to all these games

Google “Google Memory Games” from the search bar of your Chrome browser. The search results will spill out a handful of games out of 100+ games. The games available here include “Memory Game”, “Tic-Tac-Toe”, “Packman”, “Sanke”, “Minesweeper”, and a few more depending on the events of the day. Recently, on “World Earth Day” a quiz appeared.

To have access to the full-length games search Google Doodles Games. Here you will find the whole set of games in a tabular format from where you can select your favorite one.

Now regarding the “Santa Tracker” you have to you can either select it from the Google Doodles Games homepage or search it on your browser. the first result will take you to the “Santa Tracker” website and unlock more fun for you. All the games are easy to navigate and play you need to select the “home” menu in the “Santa Tracker” website and scroll a little down where you will find some exciting games such as “Gum Ball Tilt”, “Present Bounce”, “Snowball Storm” and much more. In “Gum Ball Tilt” you need to guide the gumballs using candy canes while in “Present Bounce” you are expected to guide a ball by placing it on the conveyor belt.

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List of Top 25 Google Memory Games

  1. Memory Game – The first game on the list is Memory Game where you will see four characters who produce a musical note. Based on your memory skills you are expected to find out the sequence of the music by clicking those characters. As you progress, the difficulty level increases. It is an absolute delight to play this game. It proves to be a good exercise for the brain.
  2. Tic-Tac-Toe – It is another stress-relieving game from the Google Memory Games catalog. You must have played this game in school with your friends by drawing cross-section lines and filling them with “x” or “o”. The challenge is to become the first one to pen down three similar characters in a straight line. This exact game has been built by “Google” where you can enjoy it digitally and save paper.
  3. Snake – Snake game, you must have played it on older versions of mobile phones. This game has lost in time but has been re-introduced by “Google Memory Games”. This is far better than the previous versions of the game because it has improved graphics and animation which is a feast for the eyes. The snake initially is short and increases its length after consuming points that you have to navigate without bumping into the borders or into your own snake’s body. The speed of the moving snake initially is slow but increases as you advance towards the higher level. This game is a true test of patience because you get only one chance here.
  4. Pac-Man – It is a classic game that was originally made for gaming consoles such as the “Nintendo”. Now “Pac-Man” is easily available in the “Google Memory Games” that you can play right away without waiting for a download. In this game, you are required to consume all the bits scattered around the screen while dodging the ghosts. Here also as you advance you will face difficulty. In advanced stages, you can face more number of ghost and many obstacles in the gameplay.  Initially, you will begin with four ghosts and you have to avoid them using the direction keys from the keyboard.
  5. Solitare – If you are a card game lover then this game is for you. “Solitare” was a widely popular game on Windows but now it is available on “Google Memory Games”. Some people find Solitare challenging because many are unaware of the card games. Here you have to arrange the cards numerically in descending order making a minimum number of moves. There are two levels “easy” and “hard” involved in the game from which you can choose according to your own expertise.

Now, for other lists of games you need to dive into the “Google Doodle Games” website. Here you will find all the Google Memory Games under on platform. Towards the left side of the homepage, you will see the list of all 100+ games present here. 

  1. Champion Island – The first game on the list is “Champion Island”. If you are an adventure lover, then this Google Memory Game is for you. Here your character is “Kitten” who is on a solo adventure to an island where you have to defeat the opponents by engaging with them in various types of sports. This game is one of a kind because the challenges in this game are not monotonous and keep on changing as you advance making it more fun for the players.
  2. Fischinger and Rockmore – For the seventh position in the Google Memory Games collection, there are two games that are similar in function. In Fischinger, you are required to repeat the steps of the musical note while in Rockmore you are expected to repeat the Opera music. Both the games are pleasant sounding and increase their level gradually.
  3. Cricket – Introduced before the “ICC Champions Trophy 2017” tournament, this game does not need any introduction. If you are familiar with “Cricket” in general this won’t be a hard game for you to play. It involves two cricket insects who are the batters and have to hit the ball to score runs while the snails are fielding and bowling. Unlike, the conventional game you get only one wicket here instead of 10. Nevertheless, it is still a popular game and people do share their highest scores on various platforms. Let us see how many you can hit for a record.
  4. Scoville – Scoville is a simple game that is suitable for people of all age groups and was developed to commemorate Garden Genomes. You need to throw the plant via a catapult to the distance given. This game requires your estimation skills because you have to relieve the plant at a certain angle from the catapult to throw it as far as possible. 
  5. Loteria – Another game from the deck of Google Memory Games, is Loteria. It is a Mexican game where you have to match the cards that are randomly drawn and then place beans over them to create a pattern. It is a multiplayer game and the first one to complete the pattern wins. You can enjoy this game with your friends after selecting the option and sharing the link with them. 
  6. Halloween – This game has four versions in the Google Memory Games collection. Our kitten, who is your character, is surrounded by ghosts in an abandoned location. You have to eliminate them by drawing the symbols that appear on their head with the help of your wand. Its versions include Halloween 2016, Halloween 2018, Halloween 2020, and Halloween Global Candy Cup. Also, this game can be enjoyed with friends by sharing the invite link with them. 
  7. Google Dinasour Game – If you are someone who is in constant touch with technology, then you might have stumbled upon this game. It was launched by Google to engage people in some activity when there is no internet connection. This is a simple game where your character Dino is constantly running in a desert and you have to prevent him from hitting the cactus by hopping with the help of keys. It was a hit game when it was launched many people have claimed to set up very high records while playing this game.
  8. Panipuri – Panipuri is a popular dish from the Indian Subcontinent which consists of flavourful water inside crunchy semolina balls. The Panipuri game of the Google Memory Game platform has gameplay similar to “Candy Crush”. Here you have to pop Panipuris of different flavors.  
  9. Crossword Puzzle – This game needs no introduction. It is a popular game in all parts of the world and has been here for ages. Take any newspaper, it will definitely contain a column of Cross-Word Puzzles. Earlier, people used to win prizes by solving this puzzle and reverting back to the newspaper agencies. It involves a cross-section of a few vacant blocks that have to be filled using the hints provided. This game requires a good knowledge of all the activities around. Only a person who is in constant touch with the newspaper can solve this to an extent. This game is suitable for all age groups and people solve it to this day.
  10. Flappy Bird – This game has given a hard time to the players. It is a difficult game and requires focus to dodge the obstacles. You can find the link to this game in the Google Memory Game collection. It will open another page for you on the Poki website, which has all popular Android and iOS games that you can play on your desktop. Such websites come in handy in an institution such as schools and offices where mobile phones are mostly prohibited. Then you can make use of the computer to access these games online. Along with Flappy Bird, you will also find here “Subway Surfer”, “Stick Man”, “Temple Run” and much more
  11. Soccer – Be it any platform, Soccer is always the choice of all players. This is the main reason why EA Sports rolled out new and better versions of FIFA games in subsequent years. But the Soccer game you will find in the Google Memory Games platform is just a basic one. You are the goalkeeper here and have to prevent the balls that are shot towards your goal. We can expect the upcoming versions of the game to improve but this version is also enjoyable at times when you have no other alternative.
  12. Pony Express – This game is also similar to Google Dinosaur Game. Here your character will be riding a pony in the desert and you have to avoid the obstacles such as cactus that come in your way. While doing all this you also have to collect envelopes for delivery. If you are bored playing Google Dinosaur Game then you must play this game for a change. The background of the game looks realistic and keeps you engaged.
  13. Baseball – This game is based on the popular American sport, Baseball. It is a simple game where you have to hit the ball with the bat and run for a home run to score as high as possible. The characters in the game are funny and at each attempt, you will wish for breaking your previous score. 
  14. Slalom Canoe – Slalom Canoe is a water sport game in the Google Memory Game platform. You are a water sports enthusiast and are kayaking in a river. You have to save your Kayak from the hurdles and keep it on track. You need to control the Kayak with the help of direction buttons and make it pass through the poles to score points. This type of game isn’t available on any other platform you must visit the site and try to get hands-on experience with this game.
  15. Crazy Football War – This game is unique. Unlike other football games, it does not involve players. It consists of drivers driving monster trucks. The agenda of the winner should be throwing the ball in the opponent’s goal before they do the same to us. The background music of the game is amazing that keeps you pumped up for playing.
  16. Cross That Road – As the name suggests, in the Cross That Road game, you have to cross the road that is filled with traffic and the waterways by balancing over logs. This game is loved by players from all age groups. This Google Memory Game is helpful in creating road safety awareness among children and society.
  17. Pixel Archer – Do you want to test your archery skills? Then Pixel Archer is the game for you. In this game, the princess is captured by the opponents and it becomes your responsibility as a skilled archer to free the princess by showcasing your archery skills. You either have to unlock the cage, eliminate opponents, or do some other tasks to free the princess. You have to be precise while aiming because you get only three chances to complete the task.
  18. Skibidi Toilet.io – You might have seen the Skibidi Toilet game in short videos either on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. It is the most popular game of Google Memory Games. Here your character has to collect the maximum number of toilet rolls possible and avoid certain obstacles. The design of the background is 3d and in the form of a honeycomb maze. The section of the maze either is missing or falls after some time so you have to prevent your character from falling outside of the game from this scenario as well.
  19. Geometric Dash – Geometric Dash is another record-setting game where you have to race endlessly dodging geometric obstacles. This is a hard game, to succeed in this game you have to have basic knowledge of basic geometric shapes so that you can accurately jump and avoid collisions. You have to be quick in your action because the speed increases as you move further into this game.
  20. Santa Tracker – The last Game on this list of Google Memory Games is Santa Tracker. This game will definitely increase your retention of memory. You need to open the doors having similar objects one after another If you fail to do so you must know what object was behind the door because as you reach higher levels the complexity of the doors will increase. Initially, you will begin with 4 doors and 4 objects of two similar types, and the number of objects and doors will increase in further levels of the Memory Game.
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How to play the Game – a brief guide

Each game is unique and has its own challenges therefore before the beginning of the game, you must go through the instructions which will elaborate you the controls of the game. Generally, you will use up, down, left, and right arrow keys from the keyboard for direction while in two-player mode, the other player can use the a, s, d, and w keys.

Here is a list of some other free gaming platforms for you to check. Here also no download of files is required and you can begin the very moment the game loads:

  • Unblocked Games 76
  • Unblocked Games 999
  • Poki.com
  • Google Doodle Games
  • Santa Tracker
  • Unblocked Games 77
  • Unblocked Games 67

Here are some FAQs about Google Memory Games

1. Are “Google Doodles Games” and “Google Memory Games” free?

Yes, all these games are absolutely free and you can enjoy them from anywhere in the world unless you are connected to an internet connection.

2. Are “Google Doodles Games” and “Google Memory Games” advertisements free?

No, this is the price players have to pay for free gaming. During the gameplay, you might encounter advertisements that will pause your game.  But you should not worry because after you resume the game will not lose progress and begin from the place where it was before the advertisement.

3. What are the two-player or multiplayer games in Google Memory Games?

Apart from these 25 games, and some games that could not make it to the list, there are several Google Memory Games that you can enjoy with your friends. Almost all games from the website can be played as two-player games. You only need to check the game before beginning. Here is a list of two-player games from the Google Memory Games category:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Loteria
  • Halloween
  • Tank Pixel
  • Crazy Football War
  • Skibidi Toilet
  • Castel Wars Modern
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4. How can two players play Google Doodle Games?

Most of the “Google Doodle Games” and “Google Memory Games” are simple basic games. You can use the direction keys on the keyboard for one player and the a,s,d, and w keys for another player for playing. If you are playing the games on an online server, then you need to share the invite link with your friends and they can play from their device. 


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