Does NASA has the highest internet speed? Facts Check

Does NASA has the highest internet speed? Facts Check

We are often heard about the NASA net speed which is quite attractive and eye-catchy. It was shown practically in a video released by NASA about the fastest internet speed in NASA 2018. It was shown that the speed of the internet was 91Gb/s which is very fast. People start assuming that they have the fastest internet.

But, what is the reality behind and the fact? First of all, we should understand that Gb stands for gigabits, not gigabytes. Gigabytes are represented by GB, not by Gb. A byte contains 8 bits. From this calculation, you may understand the difference. However, 99Gb/s is also one of the fastest the internet speed.

What is Nasa’s internet speed? 

I would like to clarify that the video was genuine and released by NASA. The speed shown in the video was also genuine. But, the thing is that the video was made during the transfer of data. The data transfer when done in a close system then the net speed increases automatically. It is also very clear that NASA has one of the most prominent perfect net connections as it is among one of the best space organizations in the world.

They were doing that performance in a closed system with the superior net condition and just in the transfer of data or file. In that condition, the internet speed will increase undoubtedly. So this has great conditions for the operation of the net. The net speed shown in the video was right and genuine. Many others had also shown that type of videos after the video released by NASA. So this can’t be said that NASA has the fastest internet in the world. Then How fast is NASA’s internet?

Let us understand with an example- suppose you have a tank full of water in it. You had placed the tank in a higher place and joined a pipe to it. The other end of the pipe in the joint to the empty tank and open the tap. The pipe you connected has no and physical distortion or even any bend. Suppose the tank got emptied in 5 minutes. In other cases, you had taken a tank placed it at a lower height as compared to the 1st one. In this tank, you attached a wire which has some joints and bends. You will observe that the tank will be emptied in 6 minutes. This example same related to speed. Your both observations result is genuine. You had placed the 1st one in the ideal case.

How this was started in the public mind?

In the year 2013, NASA released a video showing the transfer of data at 91Gb/s. This video shocked and amazed the whole world and people made a perception to be the fastest internet on the earth. Later, many experts from the networking field came and explained that. But, before their explanation, the video got viral on the net and people get fond of it. So, when the experts start giving them the details then they started to contradict their opinion and views. Even, many people started doubting the experts regarding their expertise.

Some people also started presuming that they are jealous of them. So from, these types of mindset and mentality the explanation got the tough condition and buried under the footage showing it practically.

So does the video released by NASA was fake?

The answer is a big NO. The video of internet speed at NASA was correct and genuine. The 1st perception build in the mind of the people was that “they started taking it as Giga Bytes, not Gigabits. This was the 1st step of contradiction. Common people who don’t have much idea about the use of the internet got easily distracted by seeing the video and their number is quite high. Due to the huge number, the rumor spreads very fast among society. These rumors and the brand of NASA helps to spread this rumor globally.

The speed shown by NASA while transferring the data will not be the same when you start downloading. It never means that if you go to the center and start downloading movies at the same speed. The system was closed so the speed was very fast. It is also observed that when any people or center, try to attract people they apply the tactics of the ideal case. They operate the whole system under the ideal condition which is genuine but not possible all the time.

We know that the speed of the internet NASA is one of the most advanced and has great achievements. They have very big data files and must need a very high speed to transfer them. To achieve this they also need very high internet speed in NASA. So, it may be possible that they always operate under ideal conditions. NASA is a famous space research organization which has a glorious past and record.

There is no doubt about their ability. But, people got confused by not knowing every detail and deep knowledge. There is a great list of achievements NASA so the possibility of working under the ideal condition with the best internet facility is very much possible.

So this is the complete analysis of the topic. All the information provided is collected from the genuine source and good with the help of expert teams and deep research. However, it was expected that some clarifications would be provided by NASA but, they didn’t provide to date. Many experts advised people about this. Some people still have doubts about that in their minds but, some got the meaning and reality.

To date, still many people believe that such types of net speed can be attained in day-to-day life. It might be possible that it may be achieved in the future but in today’s scenario, it is quite difficult. However, technology is changing every day and every night. So it could be possible to get such internet speed. The internet speed of NASA was very fast and it might be got in some time.

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