Dennis The Menace -T.V Show

Dennis The Menace -T.V Show

Dennis The Menace was an American Tv show of the late 50s. It was telecasted on CBS every Sunday evening from October 1959 to July 1963. Total no. of Seasons “04” & Total no. of episodes “146”.


  • Jay North as Dennis Mitchell
  • Herbert Anderson as Dennis Mitchell father Henry
  • Gloria Henry as Dennis Mitchell mother Alice
  • Joseph Kearns as George Wilson
  • Gale Gordon as George’s brother John Wilson
  • Sylvia Field as George’s wife, Martha Wilson
  • Sara Seegar as John’s wife, Eloise Wilson.

Story Line:-

It was about the lives of the Mitchell family:-Henry, Alice, and their only child. Dennis an energetic, trouble-prone, mischievous, but well-meaning boy, who often tangles first with his peace-and-quiet-loving neighbor. George Wilson, a retired salesman, and later with George’s brother John, a writer.


By the end of the 4th season, Jay North was nearly 12 years old and was outgrowing the antics associated with his character. CBS canceled “Dennis the Menace” in the spring of 1963.

Dennis The Menace is currently available in its entirety on the Hulu streaming service.






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