Crucial Reasons to use memes for advertising and marketing

Crucial Reasons to use memes for advertising and marketing

Memes have been present since the 70s. It’s a phrase that demonstrates the way any cultural data gets disseminated. Today, memes are a type of online communication that has gained immense popularity amongst multiple contents that people share online.

Most marketing teams and social media users want to get specific content viral online. Once content goes viral, it’s close to winning an online lottery. On the other hand, viral content can die as fast as it becomes popular. However, it’s worth it for marketers and advertisers to create and take a chance on memes. Here are a few reasons why they should embrace memes:

1. Social sharing helps to evoke emotional responses

One of the Complex Contagion Theory study outcomes was the information that pointed towards the primary motivation to share content online. Here emotional validation is at the top of the list. When you view a meme that resonates with your present mood, you might want to share the same for some validation.

Hence, zoning into this is an essential element in generating content that can motivate your audience and inspire them to share a meme. It’s critical to note that such content has a chance to go viral fast, and it also has a specific lifespan. That is generally not the problem! Usually, memes have a more significant impact than long-running conventional marketing campaigns, irrespective of their lifespan.

2. Sharing meme is fun and ubiquitous

As a type of everyday language online, it’s a fact that sharing a meme online can be a fun activity. The memes are ubiquitous, and they can also seal the gaps in understanding. It can also make people communicate who don’t share a conversation usually.

The average lifespan for memes is 72 hours! However, once shared, it can reach out to millions within that period. Also, as a cultural expression, memes use simple pictures that can resonate with people. The recent trend for brands is to deliver a personalized customer experience. Here memes are the best fit! Brands can make the most of an emotional and personal validation of memes by using innovative content to share their marketing message across to many.

3. Generating memes assist branding initiatives.

When it comes to meme culture and brand recognition, at times, your followers might do the work for you! For instance, Netflix could leverage the fan-generated meme crazes in many of its productions. When the network was streaming the much popular “Stranger Things,” they might not have required the signal boost. The fans created memes concentrating on the primary character of the show. The “Cult of Barb” had gradually become both a marketing scope and an online obsession.

And by resharing content and keeping track of Barb hashtags, Netflix successfully leveraged the meme culture and had increased its reach. There was a similar impact with Bird Box, where ample social sharing and memes had created an interest for the show.

To explain in simple terms, memes can go a long way in positively impacting your brand, check Meme Scout for ideas. These are the few reasons why marketing and advertising experts should opt-in for meme marketing.


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