Best Sites of Instagram Followers in 2020

Best Sites of Instagram Followers in 2020

If you are living on earth, then you will hear about Instagram. It is one of the popular social media platforms in the world. Instagram is used by millions of users. They interact with various posts. Most of the companies are using this platform to market their products online. You can get a small percentage of users, in the beginning. But later on, it will boost your sales.

There comes a question in your mind that is it alright to buy followers for Instagram? The question is very legit. Many of the influencers on Instagram use this process of buying followers. Here no one is telling you to buy fake followers. The best method is to grow organically. But this process is slow. For this, it is important to be creative and talented.

Therefore, Instagram is one of the most competitive social media platforms. If you have a good number of viewers, you can get great deals for your products. So, to get a competitive edge, several people buy Instagram followers. There should be a standard method to buy followers for Instagram accounts.

On Instagram, if you have followers, that equals higher visibility. The following article states about the ten providers, who sell Instagram followers. This review provides highlights of the top best websites to buy Instagram followers.

We did a detailed survey of various companies that sell this service of providing Instagram followers. We have analyzed each of these companies on different points depending on things like the number of options offered, ease of use using their websites, after the sale customer support, and more.

The following sites will help you buy real Instagram followers. They are the top sites.

We ranked them on the following Metrics:

1. Features Score(number of supported networks, services, and many options) – 0-10.

2. Ease of Use Score(UI/UX experience) – 0-10.

3. Price Score(the type of payments, pricing) – 0-10.

4. Support Score(live chat, email, phone) – 0-10.

6. Trust Score(quality, delivery, retention, safety, genuine) – 0-10.

We have weighed all the positive and negative aspects of each category using these metrics. We have combined the results. After that, classified the companies and came up with the ten best companies, each of which receives the maximum scores of 50 (5-star ratings).


a). 2020 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers


There are lots of sites that sell IG followers. But there is variation in quality, options, and customer service. The website reviewed here offers a wide variety of products and prices. After an extensive analysis, you will be able to use the results that will help you to find the best place to buy Instagram followers.

b). Some people are mostly sick of ghost followers

There are various payment options. Storm likes is a good option for them. This Instagram provides only a service. It promises to send genuine followers. It also sends comments, likes to their clients. This provider makes customer experience tailor-made according to specific needs. Customer support and Instagram growth are also responsive. The results are immediate or on a delayed basis.

c). You can specify your followers. 

You can decide your followers based on countries. Followers can also be decided based on gender ratio. This helps in the growth of the account in a more natural way. Billing can be a one-time payment or monthly installments. The availability of custom plans is also there. People having multiple accounts can get discount deals for a percentage depending on the package.


  • Good Quality Followers
  • Customer Support is 24/7
  • Pricing is competitive
  • Instant Delivery
  • A large number of options


  • It supports only Instagram
  • It does not sell comments

Clients are not needed to provide a password. The payment is through PayPal. You can also take advantage of a trial version in which you will get 50 free followers. You can get a plan of 100 followers. This will cost you $2.99. This site is a network of community accounts and members. This guarantees the engagement of real people.

1. Social Viral: Real Interactions for More Success

You can get quality services in Social Viral. This company helps some social networks differently. It provides the best interactions. For example, people can find comments, likes, and followers. The users have to select the correct number according to their needs and budget.


  • The packages are affordable
  • Customer support is fast
  • Auto likes are available
  • Fast process of buying
  • Any numbers for business


  • Only networks are supported
  • It does not sell comments

2. Social Empire: Grow Your Insta Crew

Social Empire provides comprehensive services to Instagram. Such products range from views and like to followers and downloads. This provider includes promotion in other platforms as well. It promotes the clients’ pages on Reedit and Twitter as well. The pricing is also affordable. There is a discount in pricing if you buy more bundles.

3. Famoid: One Bot to Automate Social Networks

This site has a bot to automate efforts. The main aim of this site is to get followers for Instagram accounts. This site platform gets traffic to clients. The clients pay to these sites. These Instagram profiles are active and genuine accounts. It is a reputed site. Though the site is very cheap, the results are positive. Famous sells tools to manage comments and more.

4. Instagram: They Take Care of the Followers

Instagram promises to take businesses to a higher level. They are aware that many companies create fake accounts to sell followers. But this site is different. All the profiles used are genuine people. The client’s account is more credible since people there are genuine users and not fake accounts.

5. Media Mister: Epic Social Growth

Media Mister provides different services to clients. It has a good team of experts and helps many brands to reach a higher level. It gets great following levels for IG clients. If the clients are not satisfied at all then their money is refunded.


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