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8 Tips For Promoting Videos Via Social Media

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We are living amidst a changing digital landscape. With the world at our fingertips, people have a vast amount of information at their disposal. At the same time, there is the presence of an incomprehensibly large amount of content to choose from.

People have become pickier. They swipe up a reel with ease if it fails to capture their attention within 15 seconds. How do not get lost in this flood of content?

Within this online ecosystem, if you want your brand to gain traction you need to be innovative. Video production companies in Sydney are constantly finding new ways to engage the audience. In a time like this, social media comes as a blessing to video marketers. However, there are some tricks to turn the situation in your favour and we are here to help your videos get seen.

1.      Pick Your Platform

It is important to go with the platform where you have an audience. Familiarity with the audience and the platform will give you an advantage as social networking sites are always adding new features.

If you start to promote your videos on every platform, you might run the risk of stretching yourself too thin. For instance, a video needs to be uploaded in a different format based on the platform. Instagram has the most varied features from one-minute reels to long-form content through IGTV. Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Pinterest rely on one kind of format.

As you can see, it can be difficult to keep a track of different platforms. So when you are starting out with video promotion, go for the low-hanging fruits.

2.     Define Your Target Audience

Know where your market is! Your target audience plays a crucial role in driving traffic to your video. It is an important factor in choosing the right platform for video promotion.

If you are targeting an older demographic, Facebook is the place to go. If your brand is more aesthetics-oriented, put your promotion efforts into Pinterest. Your audience is entrepreneurial, professional, and business-minded? Go for LinkedIn!

Include value-added content in your feed that your audience can find helpful. Pay attention to the problems of your audience that your brand can solve and through that, gently direct them towards your video content.

3.     Optimize Your Videos

It is certainly a demanding and detail-oriented task but search engine optimization is crucial to your online visibility. Make sure your video title is SEO-friendly and you have used the right tags and meta-descriptions.

This should not be limited to your videos but content across social media platforms. If you are promoting your video on Instagram, engage with your audience in the comment section. Add the right hashtags and try to give as much context as you can. You can also hand over this technical task to production companies in Sydney.

This will make sure that you appear on top of search results. Improved visibility of your video, improved awareness of your brand.

4.     Giveaway

You cannot go wrong with a giveaway contest! It drives engagement and organically helps the target audience interact with your video or channel.

You can keep it simple by just uploading the video on the social media platform and asking people to leave a comment. Make sure your content is in line with the platform’s policies. You can give away something related to your brand and attract more audiences.

It is important to keep a track of engagement post the giveaway contest. You should know that you are getting results from the efforts you are putting in. Track the numbers of subscribers and followers. You can also approach Sydney video marketing companies to stay on top of engagement, views, and clicks.

5.     Include A CTA

Sometimes, when there is a direct connection between your video content and social media feed, a straightforward call to action is the way to go.

You can always put little reminders to check out your videos at the bottom of the post. You can also ask your audience on Instagram or LinkedIn about the kind of video content they want from you. Tailoring your next video based on their feedback can garner more views and traction.

Not to mention, if you are a growing brand or channel, do not be embarrassed to ask your audience to show some love on YouTube by subscribing or commenting. If they like your content, they will come back for more. Just keep in mind, CTA needs to be precise and clearly state what you expect from the users.

6.     Go Live!

This is one of the biggest social media trends which can help you earn significant momentum. Facebook live allows users to broadcast their videos in real-time and interact with the live audience. You can also employ live-for indirect ways to drive traffic to your video.

You can do a Q&A session or a webinar. You can also do a product demonstration and urge your audience to check out your videos for more information. You can show some snippets or behind the scenes of the video production.

You can also save your live videos in your timeline so people who have missed them can watch them later. Live streaming has endless possibilities and a lot of potentials.

7.     Get Creative With Video Lengths On Social Media

Instagram has the option to post reels for up to 60 seconds while twitter has the limit of 140 seconds. You can turn this to your advantage and play around with your videos. Use snippets of the videos or give your audience a peek into what goes behind your production process.

You can share links to the whole video if it seems to be beyond the limit. However, the time limit does give the opportunity to bend your video content slightly and interact with a wider audience.

8.     Be Active On Social Media

It only has to be one platform but make sure you are actively providing the audience with content. You can grow on Facebook or Instagram by ensuring a regular flow of content. There are also apps that help you with scheduling content. Consistency is the only solution to gaining traction.

Once you have this, you can easily promote your YouTube channel or videos to your social followers.


Quality promotion is critical to video production. You can also reach out to experts and video production in Sydney if you are not used to marketing or production processes.

People spend one-third of their screen time watching videos, you can play this figure to your advantage. Just remember the basics – produce good content and produce it consistently.

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