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5 Memorable Going Away Gift Ideas To Send Off Your Business Co-Worker In Style!

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Saying goodbye, especially to your favorite co-worker, never gets easier, right?

When you love and care for someone, the thought of a final farewell can weigh pretty heavy on your heart. After all, even though it’s happening for the best of the other person – both of you are left with nothing else but warm memories and endearment.

But there’s one way that can help you turn this dispiriting evening into a bittersweet one. Yes, you have guessed it right. I’m, indeed, talking about gifts.

However, both of you are a member of the corporate sector, after all. So, you simply won’t be able to give your favorite co-worker whatever your heart desires. You have to keep it simple yet professional while making sure that you’re not going overboard with your budget.

Here are some gift ideas that can help you do so.

5 Gift Ideas for Your Retiring Co-Worker

Here is a reminder before I get started. 

I have created this article by offering my own opinion on a subject that I’ve dealt with before. So, in some cases, you might disagree with me or maybe even have a better idea as a whole.

In that case, don’t forget to let me know all about them in the comment section. It’d certainly improve the quality of the article and help out the other readers greatly.


Let’s begin.

1: A Succulent Houseplant.

Do you want to be a memory that your co-worker would love to care for and nurture for the rest of their lives? Well, then, gifting a succulent houseplant will be the way to go.

If you don’t want them to do too much work, a String of Hearts will be an excellent option. It’s pretty tolerant and can live for a long time undemandingly. A snake plant can be decent as well.

2: A Scented Candle Set.

If you want to be a sweet, lingering thought on the driest day of your co-worker’s life, a scented candle set can do a world of good for you. And, there are more than one reason behind it.

As the name implies, a scented candle will emanate a sweet fragrance whenever you lit them. It can also sustain for quite a long time and can be placed anywhere, including the bathroom!

3: A Fountain Pen.

A rather classy or sophisticated option, a fountain pen will remind them of you whenever they are penning down an impelling thought. And, if you want, I can offer a suggestion too.

Last time, I gave the dupont fountain pen to someone, and she loved it. Well, she is a part-time writer, so what else should I have given to her? Right?

4: A Personalized Bobblehead.

It’s fun, it’s memorable – it’s a bobblehead with your co-worker’s head on it. Sounds fascinating, right? Well, a personalized bobblehead can do wonders if it’s created perfectly.

So, don’t forget to do some research and try to find the best sculptor living in your locality. Oh, and don’t forget to take a photo of your co-worker. The funnier, the better!

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5: A Team T-Shirt.

Gifting a team t-shirt is literally the best gift that you can give to your co-worker. Why? Well, to begin with, it’s pretty cool (cooler than you think!).

And it’ll remind them of the whole team they have worked with for all their life. If you want to personalize it a little, you can also write their name behind the shirt and print an image of your team members at the front. Just to make it a little more nostalgic, you know.

‘Cause Goodbyes Should Never Be Boring!

So, there you go – five gift ideas for your FAVORITE colleague. 

What do you think? 

Did I nail my suggestions?

 Or do you think I missed out on something? 

Whatever it is, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. I’ll be waiting!

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