5 Life Hacks for A Motorcyclist

5 Life Hacks for A Motorcyclist

In this article, we have collected some of our favorite tricks or “life hacks” that we learned while driving a motorcycle. To some, they will seem well-known, but for many motorcyclists, at least some of them may be a discovery.

Wire hanger cruise control

When you have a long, straight, empty highway ahead of you, you wish your bike didn’t have cruise control. For such cases, you can contrive and make a makeshift cruise control from an old wire hanger or just a piece of wire. Take a piece of this wire and bend it in half over the throttle. Take the pliers and press the two ends of the wire so that they are above the brake lever.

Now twist the wire with pliers so that it wraps around the throttle stick hard enough to overcome the resistance of its return spring, and rest the resulting cable over the brake lever so that the throttle stick locks in a partially turned position. When you’re sure the wire has enough grip on the handle to hold it in place, cut off the excess length and file away the sharp edges.

If this scheme is too complicated and permanent, you can wrap the throttle stick with wire one and a half turns and fasten the two ends of the wire with an elastic band. When “cruise control” is no longer needed, simply remove the elastic and unwind the wire.

Steel wire helmet lock

As a motorcycle rider, you must have a good quality helmet. Here is when a predator helmet can be of assistance.  You can further increase safety by buying a piece of thick galvanized steel wire long enough to fit through your helmet’s chin bar and a lock.  Make loops at both ends of the cable.

Now, when you need to park the motorcycle for a while, you can thread this cable through the helmet and attach it to the seat or something. Or you can immediately buy a cable with a lock (although it must be thin). Protection, of course, is not the most reliable, but passers-by will not be tempted to grab something that supposedly lies badly.

Make loops for tying things

For some reason, some motorcycles do not have convenient places to attach a shock-absorbing cable or net. In this case, tie-down straps and loops can be used to create an attachment point. On cruisers with two shocks, they can be tied around the shock mount. Another good option for tying them is around the subframe on sport bikes. Nylon loops come in different sizes and you can always attach anything you need to them.

A trash bag is good rain protection

You can distinguish a real motorcyclist from a poseur by his ability to ride in bad weather. The more years you ride a motorcycle, the more waterproof gear you will collect. However, a sudden rain can take even the most experienced drivers by surprise when the necessary equipment is not with them, and there are still many kilometers to the house. Hypothermia is a dangerous thing, so you need to find a way to stay at least partially dry.

A large plastic trash bag takes up almost no space and will be worth its weight in gold if you suddenly find yourself in the rain on a road in cold weather. To use it, you first need to make holes for your arms and head (didn’t your mother teach you not to put bags on your head?). Don’t be foolish and don’t pull it over your clothes as the bag will rip in minutes. Instead, wear your distinctive vest from the bag under your jacket.

Sun visor made of duct tape

This is probably the oldest trick on this list, but it still needs to be mentioned. To get rid of the merciless rays of the rising or setting sun that torment your eyes, stick a strip of adhesive tape about two centimeters wide on the helmet shield. Yes, it will limit your view a little, but the ability to tilt your head and get rid of the sun in your eyes is sometimes just priceless. When the sun is high, the tape can be reattached to the back of the helmet.