5 Flower Decoration Ideas For Birthday Party

5 Flower Decoration Ideas For Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for a special one? Well, we know you must have already decided on the venue, the guest list, the theme, and the cake but have you already decided on the decoration?

With online cake delivery in Mumbai, it is now easy to decide on the type of cake and also get it delivered at your doorstep, but such is not the decor. Just like a beautiful cake, a beautiful decoration is also important in a birthday celebration and what is the decor without some beautiful flowers? While flowers can enhance the beauty of your room, they also contribute to spreading happy and cheerful vibes and so it is essential to keep these lovely blooms around on the birthday celebrations of your loved ones. Here are some cool and easy flower decoration ideas for a birthday party. Since you are here looking for brilliant ideas for a birthday party, you can check thedoghouse.co.uk which is an interesting gift review website. Read on to find which one will you go for. 

Flowers Arranged In The Shape Of A Heart:

How about a corner decorated with flowers in the shape of a heart dedicated to your friend. Well, not only will she be happy and excited to see it but also feel mesmerized at the same time. This corner will also make for the instagrammable corner of their birthday party and be the major highlight of the party along with the delicious and gorgeous looking cake. 

Flowers And Lights:

Flowers with lights make an amazing combination of birthday party decor. Be it candles or fairy lights, flowers look equally beautiful when decorated with lights and also add style to the venue. You can also place flower petals along with candles on the floor making a path for the birthday girl to walk through on her special day. 

Words Carved With Flowers:

Be it the name of your friend or happy birthday written on the wall with the help of flowers, this will surely make the party hall look beautiful and stand out from the crowd. You can also write beautiful messages here and there around the venue, to make it look more appealing and beautiful. 

Outdoor Flower Decoration:

If you are planning to organize a party outdoors, make sure that you place beautiful floral arrangements on the table and around you for flowers will surely complement the party especially when it is organized outdoors. You can also cover a wall with flowers that will act at the corner for your Instagram posts. 

Flower Decorations On Table:

If you wish to keep the decorations simple and sober, just decorate the center table of the birthday party with floral arrangements or even DIY flowers. You can choose pastel flowers for an afternoon celebration and for more sassy colors for evening parties. You can also decorate the table with beautiful flower vases. 

A Flower Bed For The Birthday Diva:

Let your close one enjoy a wonderful time among these lovely blooms on their special day. With all kinds of colorful florals, you can get beautiful pictures clicked and also enjoy among the lovely blooms.  

Well, flowers are one of the best decoration ideas that one must include in their birthday party. Be it beautiful pastels or vibrant blooms, every flower spreads its own vibe and makes us cheerful and happy throughout the day. 


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