5 Basic Things You Need To Pack For Your Next Camping

5 Basic Things You Need To Pack For Your Next Camping

Camping and road trips are excellent ways to experience the less driven roads and the beauty of the wilderness. For many explorers and travel enthusiasts, camping is a way of life that helps them find peace, serenity and develop self-awareness. The most challenging part of planning a camping or road trip is packing. The reason is when you travel across cities or countries, you can still get any essential items at the nearby store if you forgot to pack them. However, that may not be the case while you are camping in the wild. Let alone store; you may not even find fellow campers to borrow a thing or two. There are many essentials you must not forget as a camper, especially if you are a rookie. Here is a list of five such basic things you may need on your next camping adventure.

1. Camp Prep Table

Talking about camping essentials, a two-in-one camping prep, and serving table must be on your checklist. Forget fast food joints and gourmet restaurants while you are on your own in the wild. The only Masterchef you can rely on for a delicious meal will be either yourself or your camping partner. Well, to make a quick and healthy meal, you would need a prep table for sure. So, invest in a sturdy and preferable stainless steel camp prep table for longevity and durability. The problem with plastic ones is that they may break during transit, despite being light and easy to carry. Once you’ve finished cooking, the prep table acts as a serving/ dining table while you enjoy your delicious meal overlooking a lake or lush greenery at your camping site.

Camp Prep Table


2. Camping Chairs

Here’s another must-have camping essential. Yes, you may have a tent for sleeping and reading a book under the majestic sky and the stars. However, you cannot spend the entire day of your camping inside the tent. It defeats the whole purpose of camping, especially if you are camping from an automobile. So, it’s sensible to have mini foldable camping chairs along with you to enjoy your coffee, meals, and favorite book while camping. That way, you only use your tent when you wish to sleep or relax for a while. You can find several high-quality camping chairs that don’t take up much cargo space. You can even visit your nearest HomeDepot or Ikea to grab a couple of camping chairs if you are on a budget.

3. Flashlights and Headlamps

Most novice campers make the mistake of either completely ignoring the lighting part or carrying only a few lights for their camping adventure. You would be spending a couple of nights in the wild, and it’s crucial to have enough light resources to see things. You must at least have one high-quality reliable light source for the tent and camping area. Apart from that, you can carry headlamps and wrist flashlights to accompany you on your expedition. That said, don’t forget to charge your lamps before you head out. The smartest option is to have a couple of Solar LED flashlights that use solar power to charge and emit bright LED light. That way, you can charge them during the day and use them at night.

Flashlights and Headlamps


4. Travel Pillows

Falling asleep under the stars seems like a great idea, but you can go wrong if you don’t have the proper sleeping gear. Most people carry sleeping mattresses for tents and sheets but undervalue pillows. Look for the best travel pillows and carry them along with you to rest well on your trip. While a neck pillow may be comfortable for flight journeys, you may want to skip carrying one during your camping expedition. Instead, look for inflatable travel pillows you can use in your tent. You can find many high-quality ones both online and offline. Inflatable travel pillows won’t even take up much cargo space so that you can rest assured.

5. Travel Board Games

Now that we have covered all the camping utilities, here’s an entertainment essential you may need, especially while traveling with kids. You may spend the majority of your time exploring the wilderness and enjoying the serenity of nature and crave some entertainment. So, it’s always better to carry some fun travel board games and playing cards with you for backup. Board games like scrabble, monopoly, battleship, clue, etc., are ideal. Card games like UNO and traditional ones if you prefer playing card games. The best part about travel board games is that you need not buy one and can carry the existing one you have at your home. And, if you don’t have one, you can always buy a new one for a few bucks. Having board games at your disposal also allows you to bond with family.

Travel Board Games


Final Thoughts

That sums up the list of five basic things you need to pack for your next camping adventure. The above list covers major camping essentials only and not personal items you may need on a camping trip. Since we cannot generalize the list of personal items, we have mentioned only camping essentials. However, make a list of all personal items you may need for your trip, especially any medications. You must also carry a first aid kit with all necessary equipment in case of any hazard. Hopefully, the article helps you plan and pack the right camping tools and essentials for your next camping expedition.

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