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What are RPG and why we are so attracted to them

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The emphasis in role-playing computer games / RPG / is on acting and plot. And one great example of this is the game Elder Scrolls Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

Games of this type  look like a real theatrical production, but without spectators and a pre-written plot. And here, in the foreground, comes the role-playing game itself. Players behave the way characters should behave, and their behavior in general is all that matters. Costumes, social or combat skills only complement the image, but they lose all meaning if the player stops playing his role.

The magical world of the game is extremely tempting. Of course, there are always a number of rules, mainly related to the implementation of those moments that can not be played live.

The RPG also includes cabinet role-playing games, which are generally similar to “live” ones, only they are transferred to the closed space. There are also a number of role dialogues used for educational purposes, as well as numerous cases, such as the resumption of court hearings to prepare young lawyers for real trials.

As soon as it became possible to create computer games, the role-playing game now spread to the “wild prairies” of zeros and ones. So far, so many projects have been called role-playing that the concept itself has become quite blurred, getting lost in the flow of game mechanics and concepts.

The whole world is a theater

The common denominator of all role-playing computer games is the role taken in the name of the whole genre.

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The game world of RPG and their characters

Like any other genre, RPG can be divided into several main subtypes. Let’s look at them separately.


The homeland of these computer role-playing games is Japan. Of course, this has a huge impact – JRPGs have a linear script, and their main character has already been created in advance. There are also differences in battle scenes. In these games, the enemy cannot be spotted in advance and therefore cannot be avoided. And to win the battle, you need to know perfectly the strengths of the hero and the weaknesses of the enemy.

Action RPG

These games are characterized by the fact that the skills of the gamer himself are essential. Everything depends on his reaction, not only on the parameters set for the action hero. Sometimes the plot of the game itself is presented in a fragmented form.

Tactical RPG

Tactical role-playing computer game differs in that it requires a tactical strategy. The various obstacles must also be taken into account.

Dungeon crawler

What is special about these computer games is that the scenario here is quite superficial. For example, you just have to deal with traps in a dungeon, protect yourself from traps, destroy monsters, earn loot. With each new level the difficulty increases.

Text RPG

Such a computer game is very similar to an interactive book. You flip through pages, make decisions, earn points, experience and spend them on certain features. Here the text is primary, and what is happening is shown with the help of static pictures.

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One of the favorites of many gamers around the world is the game Elder Scrolls Skyrim Anniversary Edition. The action takes place in the north, similar to the previous version.

You find yourself at the exit of a cave, in a cold country with mountainous terrain. And from then on, everything depends solely on you. If you are interested in online costumes check out Blossom Costumes

What makes the game very exciting is that while playing, you experience an incredible sense of freedom. The beautiful mountain landscape seems to have no end and this is one of the new and, of course, great things in the new version.

In Elder Scrolls Skyrim Anniversary Edition you can enjoy ice caves where you will hear the magical sound of frosted crystals, as well as walk the huge mountains while the whirling wind blows in your ears… The view of coniferous forests and river valleys strewn with rocks is really impressive.

Fans of extreme experiences will be especially pleased. Elder Scrolls Skyrim Anniversary Edition offers endless intrigue and mystery! A fortress with ghosts, lonely and sinister sheds, strange rocks – all this literally enchants the player.

And, of course, the meetings with the dragons! Once you deal with the first of them, you will feel a surge of energy. This is a very strange moment that makes you feel like you are in a real museum with prehistoric exhibits.

Over time, your hero will get better. He will acquire many important skills, such as shooting a bow accurately, handling an ax perfectly, sneaking in unnoticed, casting various healing spells, preparing magic potions and much more.

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And the best thing about creating your hero is that you can just let it grow organically. And this happens somehow naturally, by the way. Then you get bonus points that you can use to acquire a new skill. The interesting and attractive thing is that you constantly have to make important decisions for your hero. The game provokes you to think, improves your concentration and stimulates you in every possible way!

Be sure to visit yuplay.com, where you can buy gaming keys for Elder Scrolls Skyrim Anniversary Edition!

Computer games have great advantages. They are not only entertaining but many more than that. They improve our concentration, manage to distract us from some of our daily worries and bring us incredible emotions that we can’t experience in real life.

Computer games are magic that each of us can have fun with whenever we want. Their fictional world seems so real that it makes us completely forget reality.

Our busy daily lives definitely provoke us to look for more and more successful ways to relax. Computer games are a great option for this.

Many other fun computer games await you at yuplay.com. They are designed for everyone – both small and large. Give yourself long hours of pleasure that you can’t experience anywhere else! We are expecting you!

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