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Top 5 Online Courses to Help You Learn Excel For Data Analysis in 2022

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Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis, especially when it comes to numerical data. By learning how to use Excel for Data Analysis, you can get better insights into your work and grow as an analyst.

Excel is the world’s most popular spreadsheet software and covers various use cases like budgeting, inventory management, finding trends in a list of numbers, and calculating statistical averages. Excel is the market leader in its category with around 500 million users as of 2022- which makes it one of the most widely used software products ever made!

If you are a professional looking to grow or change your career, Excel for Data Analysis training can help you get ahead. It can help you learn how to quickly put your skills to use with real-world projects. With many skill sets in a business like marketing, statistics, and data analysis, there is plenty of room for growth within a company and eventually across sectors.

Importance of Learning Excel for Data Analysis for Your Career Growth

If you want your career to grow, learning Excel is a must. It is not just a spreadsheet, but it can be used for data analysis and understanding statistical concepts.

As the importance of data analysis becomes more prominent in the workplace, Excel has become an integral part of the business world. These useful skillsets are necessary to do in order to build amazing projects and grow your career.

Learning Excel is important if you want to advance your career because once you start using it regularly, you will find yourself building more accurate predictions and forecasts on how statistics and data will impact different industries and sectors.

One way to Excel data analysis and enhance your knowledge in Excel is by enrolling on courses for data science and learning new formulas and functions, as it has become such a valuable tool for entrepreneurs. Another way is by learning skills that will help you build your resume with job opportunities in mind.

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Top Online Excel for Data Analysis Courses

  • LearnVern’s Top Excel For Data Analysis Course (#1 Choice) 

Excel is not only a spreadsheet but also a powerful data analysis tool. It is an essential skill that every business analyst and data scientist should possess. LearnVern is a top-rated online education platform that offers a high-quality course on Excel Data Analysis.

LearnVern believes that knowing how to use Excel is important for a data analyst. Excel is a hugely versatile and powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to data analysis.

In this course, you will learn how to download data from various sources and how to prepare it for analysis using the powerful formula language and tools in Excel. You will also learn how to make charts and perform some simple statistical analyses using the PivotTable feature in the software.

As part of this course, you will also learn about some of the best practices when working with large amounts of data visualizations by understanding what makes a good visualization and why certain visualizations are more effective than others.

  • Data Analytics Course With Excel Course by TechCanvass

TechCanvass is a platform that provides individuals with training and certification from Microsoft Excel. The program consists of video tutorials and learning material.

Data Analytics Course with Excel Course by TechCanvass is designed to teach students about the fundamentals of data analytics, statistics, and how to implement predictive analysis in Excel.

Data Analytics Course with Excel Course by TechCanvass is an excellent course for people who want to learn data analytics. This course will teach you the basics of data analytics and statistics while you develop predictive modelling models in Excel.

Learning Tree International is known for its various skills-based development programs, which are conducted by industry experts. They have a wide range of courses available for both individuals and companies.

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This course is meant to equip the student with all the necessary tools and techniques that they need to be able to analyze data in an intuitive manner using Microsoft Excel. Through the process, students will learn the importance of data analysis, what types of questions can be answered through this process and how it can help them in their careers.

This course is an online program that aims to equip students with all the necessary skills for analyzing data in an intuitive manner using Microsoft Excel.

  • Analyzing Data with Excel Course by Koenig India

Excel is an excellent tool that can help you analyze, chart and present information. It offers a comprehensive feature set that helps you to explore data in various ways and even create objects with the help of formulas.

This course by Koenig India will teach you how to use Excel to analyze data and present it in a presentation format for your peers, managers or stakeholders.

This course will teach you how to use formulas and functions to uncover insights from data and how to create charts from graphs. You will also learn about designing graphs as well as creating dashboards. You will also learn about formatting sheets, setting up two-sheets views and much more!

  • Excel Data Analysis Training Course by Wall Street Mojo

Wall Street Mojo’s Excel Data Analysis Training Course is a 62+ hours training program designed to teach you how to analyze and report on data with Microsoft Excel.

This course will teach you the basics of what data analysis is and how to use Excel. It will show you how to create charts and tables in order to convey insights into your data based on the relevant charts. It will also teach you how to format your reports in order for them to present your findings in an understandable way.

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At the end of the training course, students will have not only learned the basic skills of analyzing and reporting on data but also have access to all of Wall Street Mojo’s resources to learn more about these skills, such as their video tutorials series.

Salary Estimation

With the increase in the need for data analysts and business intelligence professionals, employers are looking to hire them. In order to attract more potential candidates, they need to offer better salaries and benefits that increase their value.

Data analysts are often tasked with preparing or analyzing large amounts of data for business purposes. To ensure that their work is thorough and effective, these data analysts must be well versed in spreadsheets and statistical analysis.

The skillsets that Excel for data analysis provides are becoming increasingly important in the workplace as more and more businesses rely on them for their work. Companies can no longer afford to hire people with just a basic understanding of how to use Excel or who aren’t well versed in spreadsheets and statistical analysis.

  • Conclusion

The data industry is growing rapidly, and no career can be complete without access to Data Analysis skills using Excel. It is not just about the number of people using these skills but also the real-time impacts that it has in the business world.

Today, with such a vast market, there are many different ways in which you can learn about Data Analysis skills using Excel. It can be hard to find the right job as a professional if you don’t have this critical skill in your arsenal, so Data Analysis skills using Excel are an important aspect of any successful person’s career path.

If you want a career as a data analyst, learning Excel Data Analysis is an excellent idea.


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