Tips To Save Money During Grocery Shopping At Iga

Tips To Save Money During Grocery Shopping At Iga

There is never a limit to how much you can spend while buying groceries. In most cases, the number on the register crosses past your budget while you still have many items on the conveyor belt. It sometimes seems impossible to cut down on unnecessary grocery items, but what if we tell you that it is possible to do so? 

Yes! It is possible to reduce your expenditure at the supermarket by a significant percentage. Scroll further to know more about tips and tricks to use while grocery shopping.

Make a Realistic Shopping List 

A realistic shopping list consists of all the necessary items that you need at home. It is one of the smartest ways to cut your grocery bills by a significant ratio. On the other hand, going into a multipurpose store makes you buy things just because you like them and do not necessarily need them. 

If you find making a list with pen and paper a hefty task, you can always create a list online. Then, when you have the list ready, you can look for discounts and offers on those products to further save a few bucks on it. 

Check The IGA Flyers

IGA stores all over Canada provide offers and discounts to their customers in the form of IGA Extra Flyers. The flyers consist of various offers and heavy discounts on groceries. They give out weekly and monthly flyers; you can check and buy the items you need through IGA flyers. 

If you do not find any paper flyers, you can check them online before planning your grocery shopping day. 

Search for ‘IGA Extra Flyers Canada’ on google, and you will find a list of available flyers. An added advantage of using flyers is that you can stock up the things you frequently use to buy them together at a discount. It makes a smart shopping list and helps you save money. 

Price Match

Very few people are aware of the price matching policy at IGA stores. IGA stores adjust the price of products that any competitive store sells at a lower price. You can save a few bucks now that you know the IGA store policy. However, remember that each store policy will have some terms and conditions to follow. 

Sign Up for Loyalty Programs

Many stores offer loyalty programs for their customers. The customers are rewarded with coupons, special discounts, or reward points for future use. Check out the stores offering such programs and enrol yourself. You can have instant savings or find coupons for the future. 

Buy in Bulk

Buying products in bulk is the easiest way to be eco-friendly and save money; some products like cheese are sold in bulk quantities at lower prices. When you prepare your shopping list, check for the items you can buy in bulk and store them for a long. As a result, you will save money and reduce the plastic used in packing material. 

Waste Less

The major expenditure increases from home because people waste food more than use it. Therefore, make it a habit to reorganise your fridge every week. Keep the things that need to be consumed on the front and items with late expiry dates at the back. Additionally, when you buy groceries, ensure to buy products with an elongated expiry date so you can use them for a longer period without wasting them. 

Final Words

Saving money on grocery shopping is easy when you organise your grocery shopping. Grocery stores like IGA in Canada offer heavy discounts on groceries and other items. In addition, they send out weekly and monthly flyers. Checking on them saves you a lot of bucks. Apart from flyers, it would help to practice organised shopping by creating lists, wasting less, etc. 

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