Switch to Spotify Today

Switch to Spotify Today

Listening to music has become more than just a hobby now and can also be a stress reliever. Today, listening to music has become comparatively easier, unlike the earlier days where you would have to buy the music or download it. Which brings us to the topic of music streaming. With the tap of a button, you can listen to your favourite songs, and no app today is better than Spotify. Spotify has over thousands of monthly users active on the app and this is because of the app’s wide variety of songs that are available.

Artists always upload their songs on Spotify since the app gives the artist that recognition that can help the artist become famous. Since so many users use the app daily, artists put out their songs on Spotify in the hopes of getting more listeners and more recognition. Often it may come to scenarios where a particular artist may not have enough streams or listeners on their songs. Due to such reasons, the artist can also buy Spotify monthly listeners or streams to get more engagement on their profile and grow to a better extent.

For the listener, most of the features are quite simple such as liking a track, saving it, adding it to their playlists and sharing it on social media platforms. Now for the artist, there are more features to add on to. The pre-save feature, pitching music to Spotify Editorial playlists and promoting their music. These are all essentials of Spotify.

Spotify Basic or Premium? What’s better?

Spotify Basic or Premium? What’s better?

Now there are two main versions of Spotify that one can look at, the basic and the premium version.

  • In the Basic version, you can listen to your favourite songs but may have to go through some unwanted advertisements that may ruin the mood of your song. This is often not considered to be the ideal option but Basic is completely free and you would have to pay nothing for it.
  • On the other hand, Spotify Premium will charge you a certain amount of money either on a monthly or yearly basis and what does make this better is that there will be no advertisements interrupting your playlists ever. You can open your Spotify at any time of the day and not be scared about an advertisement ruining your playlist.

What Is Spotify for Artists?

For the artist, Spotify released a new app called Spotify for Artists which helps the artist know more about their profile on Spotify.

  • When it comes to Spotify promotion, There are many ways the artist can get more recognition which could be either by advertisements and tapping the banner and through crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Spotify for Artists can give the artist better insight as to who is listening to their music from which part of the world. This way, artists can also decide where they should plan their upcoming events. Artists can describe themselves in the “about” section giving an insight as to who they are.

Thus, Spotify has something different compared to the other apps and is quite user friendly, giving a platform to artists who otherwise would not have received such recognition.

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