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If screen is broken how to back up Iphone without passcode

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This article teaches you how to back up your iPhone when your screen is broken or out of order. Do read this blog by following all the careful measures mentioned. You get a heart attack whenever your phone screen breaks or cracks. We are not able to access valuable data if the phone is locked. To fix this issue there are the following methods which you can follow with ease:-

Technique 1: Using  Ios backup and Restore method tool to backup iPhone with a broken screen 

It is a professional tool that works to backup any data from iPhone without any issue very effectively. One can also restore data from iPhone by using this tool. It supports all kinds of important data such as contacts, phone, videos, messages, documents, and notes, etc. without any worry. It is very easy to use. You just need to download this tool from the official site and back up the iPhone with a cracked screen. You can backup whether it is an iPhone X or XR with a broken screen, this amazing tool will work effectively without getting failed.

Technique 2: Using Itunes

One can also backup iPhone by using Itunes also. For this, one has to connect his mobile device with a PC and open Itunes. If your iPhone is connected to a new system then a popup will come over the screen asking if it is a trusted device. But selecting this option can be a problem, so use a system you have already used before.

Now follow the below procedure:-

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1. Connect your device and open iTunes

2. Click on the iPhone icon at the top right

3. After that, click on “backup Now”

I hope this method will definitely work for you.

Technique 3: Use trusted system on iPhone with a broken screen 

Follow these options if you are the first time connecting an iPhone with your personal computer. 

1. Enter PIN

2. Then tap on the “Trust this computer” option

Don’t forget this method might be difficult. Another alternative you can use is either a wired / Bluetooth keyboard to back up the data which you really want.

Even when one is using an existing keyboard, he needs a USB cable.

Now please follow the below steps:-

1. Plug wired keyboard with iPhone

2. Enter PIN

3. Switch on Voiceover 

4. Turn on Bluetooth

5. Open the Bluetooth settings to accept the keys from the keyboard

The last step is not necessary if you have already connected to the keyboard. After this follows all steps of technique 2 and backups all your desired data.

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Conclusion :

Now after going through these techniques, I am sure that my readers will now be able to back up Iphone with a broken screen. There are many Iphone users who face this type of issue. I am sure this article has helped a lot. Also, if you have any further suggestions do come up with comments and ideas in the comment section just below this blog.

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