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How to buy running shoes

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Running is a sport that is a part of all sports. Meaning, that if you participate in other sports like football, basketball, cricket, and others. You’ll have to run! It is a basic advanced exercise that helps in reaching your goals.

When it comes to starting running the first thing that comes to mind is good running shoes. People tend to do mistakes that they hop on the track with whatever shoes they have on racks, which results in an unsatisfied experience. And, consistent use of a bad shoe can even be a reason for an injury.

So, here is a definite question that came to mind. What to look for when purchasing a running shoe and where to buy it.

What to look for in a running shoe will be answered deeply below. But, where to buy it. To buy running shoes you can visit a nearby running shoe store or surf online. Many websites help you in finding the best running shoes, especially for your needs. If you are good with googling, you’ll find them easily.

Let’s Jump on what to look for when purchasing running shoes.

1. Shoe Responsiveness

A shoe’s responsiveness is defined by the amount of ground reaction force (GRF) it generates when a runner’s foot first makes contact with the ground. The more force the better the responsiveness.

A typical shoe’s responsiveness is determined by the characteristics of its midsole, outsole, and its upper.

The midsole typically consists of multiple layers of foam or other material that is compressed under the runner’s weight, and it is the midsole that creates GRF. The outsole is usually made of a softer rubber compound which creates traction.

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The upper is typically made of one of two materials, either textile or synthetic leather, and it gives the shoe structure. The peak of your GRF is when you are at the moment of your ground contact. Fast runners tend to weigh more, which means greater forces at ground contact. Shoes that provide the most responsiveness, like racing flats, are designed for runners who weigh less than about 125 pounds.

The shoes tend to be on the narrow side, with a firm midsole that provides optimum bounce back.

2. Heel to toe Drop

The heel-to-toe drop is the difference in height between a shoe’s heel and toe. It’s most commonly used as a reference to trail run shoes, but can be used as a measure of stability in a variety of another footwear.

The width of the shoe (not the toe box) is another reference and is generally considered to be a better measure of fit. Some trail runners prefer shoes with a large heel-to-toe drop, others prefer something closer to zero.

3. Stability Feature

Motion-control shoes are designed specifically for individuals that have low arches or flat feet. The shoes help to restore the arches by filling the arch which in turn, increases the stability of your foot.

The shoes are also known for their extra cushion, which helps to absorb shock if you are on your feet all day. To find a shoe that offers the Motion Control attributes you are looking for, be sure to visit your local running store and speak to the staff.

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What these shoes do is try to control the joint and muscles in a way that helps improve footwork and reduce injuries. This can be accomplished by changing the characteristics of the shoe, and/or changing the foot movements.

4. Cushioning

Cushioning is designed to help control the force of impact while you run. According to research, running shoes with more cushioning tend to reduce the peak forces that cause running-related injuries. Cushioning can come in heel pods, foam, or gel that is placed throughout the midsole of the shoe.

It is the effect of the footwear’s ability to absorb shock, provide comfort and reduce stress on your body. It is typically indicated by the amount of shock a shoe absorbs or the amount of time it takes to break into a new pair of running shoes. The more shock a shoe absorbs, the more cushioning it has.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility in a running shoe is the amount of bending that it can do. The shoe should bend from your heel to your toes without breaking. A flexible shoe is usually a better running shoe because it is comfortable and offers a better fit.

The shoe can bend and move with the foot, which is important for avoiding injury.

It is usually measured with a BENDING TESTER. If the shoe bends more than this is good, but if the shoe doesn’t bend in any place it will be rigid and will cause a lot of knee and foot injuries.

How to buy Running shoes For Beginners

When it comes to beginners purchasing running shoes, it’ll always be complicated. The market is fully captured with the latest technologies that they might make mistakes when purchasing the right shoes.

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For someone, who has just started running, we’ll suggest you read reviews for the best shoes for beginner’s runners.

Another thing that possibly can be done is if you have any runner friends near you, ask them for consultancy. They’ll understand your gait, and running needs, and suggest one for you.

At last, hop for the online community. There are many groups on Facebook, and many people talking on Quora, and Reddit on this topic. Means, you have to do manual research.

Tips for a Beginner runners

If you are a complete beginner, I would recommend you start slow. Take stairs instead of escalators, walk rather than run, use an elevator instead of stairs, etc. Remember, running is not a sprint but a marathon. So, build up your stamina gradually.

To get more out of running, you have to have a plan. If you’re just running for the sake of running, it’s not going to do you much good in the long run. Before you lace up those sneakers and head out, ask yourself why you’re running. Are you training for a race, or just hoping to shed a few pounds? Is this a long-term goal or something you want to be able to do in the short term?

Having a plan will make it easier to stick with your routine because you’ll be able to see your progress and determine whether or not you’re sticking to the plan. Plus, if you’re training for a race, you can use your plan to figure out how long you need to run each day to reach your goals in time.


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